Friday, November 19, 2010

Safeguard your Marriage

I am very blessed to have a husband that adores me, as I do him.  I am also very blessed to have a husband that is under the same opinion of how to prioritize our marriage. Although, we are definitely not perfect at it, we both try very hard. 
I never want to look back at my marriage and think... "if only I would have told him how much he means to me!" I want him to know everyday that he is MY MAN!! and that I would Fight for him anyday, anyplace, anytime!

I beg you today, make your Husband and your marriage a priority! Don't fall into the busy trap of life... remember how important it is to a model strong relationship to your children!

Here is a great way to start! The Six-Second Kiss

I know my husband is going to LOVE this, I'm sure yours will too!!


  1. I love that 6 second kiss thing. Something so small in the grand scheme of things, but so important. I'm gonna try it. It'll be a challenge, especially when I'm really tired after a night of baby stuff, but I'll give it my best shot. Hubby will be shocked. Would you believe there are days when we don't even get a 1 second kiss? So much going on, but that's not a good excuse.

  2. LOVE it! planning on planting it on him as soon as he walks in the door!!! i'm sure he'd like for me to tell you "thank you!!" ;)

  3. Thanks, Audra, for this important reminder. How often I take my husband for granted...