Saturday, April 27, 2013

How to make Flour Tortilla Chips

So, I have to start by stating upfront...This is a How to on making Flour Tortilla Chips,  this is NOT a post on making flour tortillas.  I do not, nor do I plan on making my own flour tortillas!! I live in South Texas for goodness sake. I can get homemade, fresh- we're talking hot off the presses, flour tortillas at every local taquaria and grocery store. 

This is a blog on turning those oh so delicious flour tortillas, into oh so delicious CHIPS! They are soft and fluffy and crispy, and warm, and, oh dear I think I just drooled...   If you have never had a flour tortilla chip this is a MUST MUST MUST !!

So, here's how it works! 

Start by cutting about 12 flour tortillas into quarters.

 I use my ULU Knife for the job, the boys call it my battle ax.  A pizza cutter works well too. 

Cover the bottom of a large skillet with your favorite oil (we use olive or coconut oil), about 1/2 inch deep on Medium-High Heat.  Place a single layer of tortilla quarters in the hot oil.  Cook about 2 minutes, until golden brown.  Using tongs, flip the tortillas over and cook for another minute.   I love the sizzle of oil!!

Remove from oil, to a platter covered in paper towels and allow to drain.  Continue this process until you have reached the amount of chips you would like.  Tip: Make extra!! You will want them! 

It really is simple, just a little time consuming! Serve along side your favorite dip, queso, or guacamole(my favorite) and enjoy!!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Be Encouraged! You are MOM!

They call me Mom.  Sometimes with a giggle, sometimes with exasperation, most of the time because they need something; but then, there are those times that I love most.  The times that mend my heart and boost my energy.  The times that they look straight at my face, deep into my eyes, and with sweet soft voices, simply say, "I love you, Mom!" 
 Those are the moments... the moments that make all the refereeing, rear wiping, laundry doing,  activity running, and snack making worth it.  Those are the moments that all the whining, tattle taleing,and  toy snatching, seem to melt away.

and then I am reminded that these are the blessings that God provided to show His power and His wonder!  And they call me MOM! :)  I am blessed!