Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dr. Doodie Part 3

Well Monday we had a follow up appt. with William's gastroenterologist. We have been keeping a calendar on the fridge for the last two months. If Will had a bowel movement that day, he gets a spiderman sticker to put on that day and if he didn't he just got a little green sticker to put on the day. William got to carry in his charts full of spiderman stickers:) What a champ! He handed them to the dr. and said, "I went PooPoo, that means no cream" (definition of cream in our world is a suppository) The dr. was surprised to see such a huge improvement and told William that he was proud of him for being such a big boy; and if he could bring in his next charts the same. He would not have to come back to the dr. anymore. YEAH!!! So we are striving for spiderman stickers everyday and for no more dr visits. :)


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slow Down!

We had our first sonogram yesterday!!!! Fortunately the baby looks fantastic! Fluid was good and the baby was measuring at 13 weeks and 4 days...a little farther than first thought. Unfortunately we made our trip to the Dr. in a mad dash. I had started having some slight pain that morning, but as the morning progressed the small pain started turning into pretty intense cramps. So after a call back from the Dr. we were off. From the sonogram, the cramps turned out to be contractions..... WAY TO EARLY! In retrospect I realized I had done way way to much the day before, so I am taking it easy! And am going to try my hardest to stick to everyday activities and no more; which is really hard for me, and pray that God will continue to watch after our baby! My due date has now been established as August 25th.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Copy Cade... I mean Cat

Cade loves his brother so much.... If he is not crying for me to hold him, then he is following his brother and getting in his way:) William is pretty good about including him, and is getting even better. Here they are crawling around together and having a little cartoon time;well at least William is, Cade is just coping him. Sweet Brotherly Love.

Talent Show Beauties

Sorry the picture quality is so bad, but I had to post this... I'm sure I will pay for sharing. Feb. 8th was our Youth Dinner and Talent show, to help the kids raise money for mission trips this summer. Michael and a couple of his buddies were good sports to humor their wives and go along with our plan. They put on a beauty pagaent, complete with evening wear, talent, Q&A, and of couse lounge wear. They were such good sports about the wardrobe changes, and flaunting there stuff infront of the whole church. You can be the judge, who is the biggest beauty.

PS. In case you arn't sure, Michael is the red headed beauty. Isn't he a vision in purple. By the way... 6'7" men/women do not need heals. They made him so tall!!!

Cade's 1st Haircut

Cade got his first haircut on Saturday. There wasn't much to cut off, but he needed a little shape up. He is such a big boy now. Poor guy, he has been working on his hair for a whole year and that is all he's got. ;)

Daddy in Training.

William is really embracing the idea of another baby in our house. He even talks to my stomache and kisses it. And prays for the baby everynight. Here he is with "his baby" He came to me and said Mommy my baby is cold, he needs a blanket, so we wrapped him up and started saying shhhh it's ok. Finally he went and sat down in his room in his rocking chair, and rocked the baby for a good 5 minutes. Here he is rocking his baby and kissing it on the head.

The Rash.

I know this happened a while back, but I told several of you I would post... so sorry it has taken so long. ... We woke up Saturday morning before Super Bowl, and here is what we found. Some sort of viral rash, but Cade was itching like crazy. It subsided completly in about a week, but wow it was crazy, and scary. I have never seen a rash like this. In the pictures he is taking an oatmeal bath to help with the itching. Poor Baby.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Answered Prayers

Follow up on the gastroenterologist appt. Everyone with a baby or that has ever had a baby knows how much conversation changes when you have a child. Conversations about tee tee, poo poo, and other bodily functions are normal, and in our family the conversation with God are no exception. He gets to hear all about it too. We have been praying for quite some time that God watch over William and our family as we are dealing with potty issues, and God has answered our prayers. William has been very regular for a whole week now, and get this.... He is even going in the potty with no hesitation!!!! We are all so glad, and William is like a different kid. He is alway happy, doesn't disappear off into his room anymore, and is not missing out on the everyday fun. Thank you God, for taking care of our baby.

Go Rays!

A few weeks ago we made it to our first Hockey game with a couple of friends. We have a team here called the STINGRAYS. It was mine and the boys first game, Michael has been to one before. It was so loud, so fast, so rough, did I say so loud. We were sitting on the first and second row, right in the action. William wasn't sure what to think, but the longer the game went on the more he enjoyed it. Cade, on the other hand, was thriving in the chaos of the game. He laughed at the music blaring, clapped along with the explosive fans, and was glued to the players running into the glass infront of us. On a wild hit, the puck came flying over the wall and our friend caught it and gave it to William, Thanks Mark for "hooking a brother up".

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Biscuits and Jam!

Ok.... one last post to make you all smile. The pregnancy cravings hit me like a Mac truck tonight. Here I am, sitting blogging and watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay on food network. Tonight his challenge is the best biscuits and Jam.... I have never wanted biscuits and jam so bad in my whole life. I just have to say it is taking everything I have right now to not go in the kitchen and whip up my own batch of biscuits...... Wow. But I will resist, maybe I'll have a pear instead, what a let down:)

Also I edited a past post and it put it in order according to the date I wrote it so check out January 22nd.

Dr. Doodie says... (test results)

Well last monday we made it to the gastroenterologist. The visit went really well, but we really didn't have many answers until yesterday. The Dr. said he really thought it was just a holding problem(meaning William really does have super human butt cheeks and just wont let his poopoo come out), but to make sure there were no underlying issues we did have to go through one test to rule out Hirsprungs disease. So Wednesday morning we headed to Driscol hospital for xrays. William took a few xrays and then we moved on to the tougher part.... the Barium enema. Anyways, after all was said and done William cried and Mommy cried. So after that was all over the really hard part came. William was supposed to go potty... like number 2... like the thing he can hold for 2 weeks at a time. So of course he didn't go, and they sent us to go have lunch and see if he filled his tummy a little more if it would go ahead and prompt a BM, and once again, of course he didn't go. So they sent us home to come back the next day. We did and took 2 more xrays and then the tests were done. It is so hard watching your baby go through something like that, especially when they understand just enough to be scared to death.
Yesterday the Dr. finally confirmed for sure that the tests were normal, and the route to take is to up his intake of laxative, and try to take him from cow milk to soy milk. This is not going well! No matter how much I dilute the soy milk, William will bring me his cup and say, "mommy this is not good milk." There have been some other options brought to my attention that I will definatly be looking into and checking with the dr.

So in the end although we didn't get a fixall cure, we do know that William's body is functioning as it should (Thank you LORD), and we can now address the problem at hand. It will be a process, but I feel like we are finally taking a step toward progress

Thank you all for your concerns and prayers. Our family is so blessed to have such a wonderful support group.

Cute pics.

Well here are a few pictures of the boys over the last month. William recieved moon sand for Christmas, here he is playing on our picnic table. The turtle and truck kept making traks in it... sound effects and all. Cade has been introduced to ketchup...and LOVES IT! Here he is dipping his pears in it(yummy).

Last night,William found the baby we gave him when we brought Cade home from the hospital. He immediatley scooped it up and said, "Mommy my baby!" the he proceded to get his blanket and wrap him up and rock him to sleep. It was so cute., and gave me hope for the future:). What a good little daddy.
William loves his peddal toys, and has mastered them all. Today we had a parade, William on his tricycle, and Cade being pulled in the wagon by yours truely. They both thought it was so much fun. We made it about 4 blocks before William started getting tired. Here he is in his fire engine.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Time for a new look

Hey everyone.... I decided to give our blog a new look. I'm not sure if I"m loving it yet so... Let me know what you think. Hope you are all having a great week!