Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Brothers

We are adjusting nicely! Brennan is proving so far to be a very content baby. Even with constant chaos all around him. Cade loves to be near him, so I have to keep a constant eye out for the two of them. Here is one proud brother!! Here are all the boys coloring together. Cade is really insistent that Brennan is close by, if he is not, Cade is on the hunt to find him and make sure he is ok.
Brennan sleeps on the couch or on top of the table during the day, because it is central and I can see him from almost anywhere I am; and again Cade can check on him. Cade always makes sure Brennan has two things with him, A blanket (I think this is because William and Cade both have special security blankets and Cade has decided Brennan needs a blanket too) and a toy. William helps take care of Brennan some, but Cade is more of a constant care taker, making sure he has all he needs at all times. It is so sweet!

This is not Noah's Ark

So if you keep us with our blog, you know we have had our fair share of critters coming into our house... a pigeon, a frog, several different buggies... but this one tops the cake! Cade was walking to his bedroom, and ran back into the living room saying, "Nake Nake..." and pointing to the bathroom. I looked at Michael and said, "He is saying snake." So off went daddy to investigate, and sure enough this is what we found.Behind our back fence is a baseball field that is not being used right now(off season) and a nature park/walking trail. So we have field and brush all around us... I think it just rained enough and they started going to higher ground... aka. My house. I just wish they would understand, this is not Noah's ark, and they are really not welcome inside:).
This is our friend, Shannon. We called them first thing to say, "come identify this thing for us!" She is so brave, I was really freaked out by this point!
The boys, especially Cade is fascinated with animals. We finally had to move it up to a higher location because he wouldn't leave it alone and the snake was getting panicked.

Friday, August 22, 2008

What we have been up to!

The last few days have been a whirl wind of emotions and new experiences for our whole family. William has embraced being a big brother, I new I was going to have no trouble when we went to the Dr. for Brennan's 2 day checkup and William started fussing and saying, "No mommy, I don't want to take "NEN" back to the Dr. I want him to stay with me" I had to explain that the Dr. was only going to look him over to make sure he was healthy and then we could bring him back home... He was ok with that. By the way, "Nen" is William's nickname for Brennan. He came up with it all on his own and I think it is so adorable at least when he says it. Cade on the other hand is loving his baby and wants to know where he is and what he is doing at all times, but is not sure how to react to all the new rules of the house. "Like you can't sit in that... it's for Brennan" and "No honey, that is Brennan's" I feel sorry for him, but I know it will all pass in time and we will have the three sweet brothers. Here are some pics from the past couple of days.

What we have been up to!Smiling and hopping like Frogs
Playing in the mud, while Daddy was working in the yard, and Mommy was resting.
Spending special time with our boys, "Daddy and William at Chuck E Cheese"
Driving lots of cars:)
A whole lot of thisAnd a little bit of that.
Enjoy the picture below! it is my favorite!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A New Baby

Around 2:00 am on Monday, I woke up with a pain... by 4:00 am we were preparing to go the the hospital. At 5:30 we finally arrived at the hospital and got checked in and 3 hours later, God brought our baby into the world. We are home, and so glad to start a new chapter in our growing family.
Brennan George Caldwell
Born at 8:31 a.m.
6lbs 12oz
19 3/4 inches long

Sleepy Heads

Mommy and the boys... The reactions were welcoming, and homecoming was nice. Cade likes to look at Brennan, and share his toys with him. (more pics to come)

Our Family:)

Brand New Baby!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Ok, I started looking at my due date vs. my lilypie ticker and realized they were off. So I have replaced it and am less confused now. I am getting very anxious, but I think Michael is even more so... but I guess we will wait... the Lord will bring us our little bundle when it is time. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Potty Training?

YEAH RIGHT!!! Cade has taken to sitting on the potty and has teeteed a couple of times before bath, but that is about the extent of that. Here is our little boy haning out on the potty before venturing into the shower.
Doesn't he look so excited about it? All the junk on his face is syrup, we had french toast for dinner. Hence the need for a shower.... sticky boys. Showers have become quite the thing in our house. Cade hates to have the water srayed on his head, but loves to stand up in the shower. Here is William haning out waiting for his brother.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Yes I'm still here.

"You're still here?" This seems to be the popular question here lately. And the answer is obvious. YES!!! I'm still here, the baby is still in my tummy and I'm ok with that! Our last appt. showed the baby to be perfectly healthy and right on track for August 30th. I will go again on Monday. I do however, have a favor to ask. Will those of you in my blogger family, please pray for a safe and quick delivery and a healthy baby, and for strong faith on my part! I know God will take care of us, I just keep worrying... and I just need to just let God take control.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just some pics.

Cade our "don't touch me, I'll do it on my own kid" has been quite cuddly the past few days. Last night he crawled up in Michael's lap and cuddled up in a little ball. It was so sweet! And Daddy was loving it. After bath time the boys started watchinng TV and I just couldn't pass up the picture. Arn't they cute!

Playing Dress up... William is a worker and Cade was his assistant. Mueller guys in training:)


Playgroup was at our house last Wednesday. We had a great turn out, even though Hurricane Dolly was here. We just sat around watching the weather channel, listening to the rain and visiting as best as possible over the kids:)

Here are a few of the kids having snack. I was so proud of myself... I made IceCream Cone Cupcakes. You have probably all made these but this was my first time. You make the cake batter and pour it like you would make cupcakes normally, but you top it with an upsidedown icecream cone before you bake them. The cake bakes up into the cone and then you ice the cupcake that is sticking out. They were so cute, and really looked like icecream:) The kids seemed to enjoy them.

Truck Drivers wanted.

There is nothing more fun than watching kids with a box and a good imagination. William decided that these boxes would be great to use as trucks. In this particular picture the boys were delivering bananas to kids who didn't have food. How sweet is that. At some point they were also delivery drivers, delivering paint, and I was the "payer" otherwise known as the cashier at home depot. The boys played with these boxes for hours.