Monday, November 26, 2007

Snap Shots

The boys were playing with some Christmas toys the other day. Just a cute photo opp. Thought I would share:)
William and his friend Abigail goofin around. They were both wearing overalls, so of course Abby or ok maybe it was me just couldn't let it pass.
We are so blessed by our children. William is so sweet in this photo, but I love the look on Cade's face. He just looks so peaceful.

Finding Nemo on Ice

We were able to get tickets to go see Nemo on Ice when they were in town the Friday before Thanksgiving. William was glued to the show the whole time. He never said a word except for what William would call an "unnecessary" 15 minute intermission; at that point we took a brief bathroom break and grabbed the cheapest souvenir we could find which was still a huge rip off :) but it was for a good cause. MY SON! Our souvenir ended up being a bag of cotton candy that came with a foam hat in the shape of Nemo. We got back to our seats and opened the cotton candy and I gave a piece to William, and Michael and I both took a piece for ourselves. William examined his piece of fluff and watched Michael and I take a few bites; He then looked at me and said, "Mommy, Is this food?" . I told his it was candy, sugar, yummy, taste it.... but he was not about to put that in his mouth. Who knew I had such a sceptic. :) So Michael and I put it away and we finished it off the next day. Below are a few shots from the show. It was very cute.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I got to meet Mickey Mouse

Finding Nemo on Ice is in town this weekend, so in Lu of all the festivities Mickey and Minnie came to the aquarium for a photo opp. William loved it. Here are a few pictures. William is looking at a spider, this is one of his favorite things to look at.
The Dolphin Tank. Cade was amazed.
The Whale Tale fountain. A big hit.

Here is Scuba Mickey and Scuba Minnie! William loved it! He wanted to sing Mickey a song, but we didn't have enought time.

Twister Meal Time

I have decided that Cade is trying invent a new game... Twister, Meal Time Edition. This is Cades favorite position to eat.. Backwards, while turning around only to pick up another bite and then it is back again. Maybe they should make a high chair with a tray on both sides.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Well here we are finally. Our halloween pics. Since Halloween fell on a Wednesday, we didn't do much trick or treating. But we did go to the big fall festival at our church the previous Saturday night. Here we are .... William is a baseball player, Mommy is the Coach, Daddy is the Fanatic, and Cade is non other than the baseball.... :). I thought it was a cute idea.
Michael trying to make a scarry face. :)

Trick or Treat!!