Sunday, November 20, 2011

Science Fair Project: Skittle Color Count

A few weekends ago, William worked his little heart out on a Science Fair Project for school.  We were so proud of him! He worked so hard, and that hard work paid off.  He ended up placing 3rd!! Great Job William!!

Project Run Down:  

Does each bag of skittles contain the same amount of each color?

William's Little Helper! 
 (Always wear your safety Goggles when doing Science!)

William Counted and Recorded stats on 10 bags of skittles. And through it realized that not only does each bag of skittles not contain the same number of each color, but it also does not contain the same amount of overall skittles.  (Hmmmm....  are we getting jipped on skittles?) :)  Note: There is usually most red skittles and least green skittles in a bag.  (It would work that way... Green is my favorite!)

Do your kids participate in School Science Fair?  What were your project topics?


  1. Thank you so much! I needed a new idea for my science fair project!

  2. hi, me and my friend tyla were looking for ideas to go !!! this would be great.. btw cutiee much