Friday, February 5, 2010


One reason that My Husband ROCKS is his selflessness!! Michael has made so many sacrifices for our family and not complained one time! I am so blessed to have a husband that works so hard to provide for our family, and has made it a priority to allow me to stay home with our boys! Because I don't work, he will probably never have the biggest TV or the coolest clothes, or the nicest cars... however. I am blessed to have a man that knows there are more important things in life. Thank you for playing ball with William in the backyard. Thank you for holding Cade and playing horsey with him, Thank you for the books you read, and the tickles and kisses you share with Brennan. If you haven't noticed you are their Hero! Thank you for sharing God's word, and setting such a good example for all of us! Thank you honey for making our family and our families relationship with God your priority! Thank you for sacrificing so much of your time and your self to me and the boys. YOU ROCK!! We/I love you so much.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Quick Update.

Well, I haven't updated and I promise I'm trying to do better, but sometimes other things just take priority. Here are some things we are working on this week/month.

1. Financial Peace!!! If any of you have not heard about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University... I encourage you to look it up!! It is getting Debt Free... and doing it with the right priority, GOD FIRST! Anyways, I am a "spender" so to stay within the allocated money I have to much better planning, which takes a lot more of my time. This is a good lesson for me, but it also means I have to have better self control and self discipline to keep myself out of situations I may want to send money. Defiantly a hard lesson for me, but totally worth it!!

2. Cade is now Potty Trained, and we have almost mastered the idea of actually hitting the water while tee teeing... For any of you with boys you totally understand what I'm talking about. :) He has learned to dress the lower half of himself, which is nice and he is so proud. We are currently trying to learn all the letters of the alphabet.

3. Michael has been having some knee issues and after a series of x rays and MRI's, the test showed nothing and the Dr.'s advice for now is to work out! Strengthen muscles and see if that fixes the problem before we head to scoping/surgery. Along with that also comes the effort to eat healthier.

4. William is growing, becoming more responsible, and more ready to read, every day. He wants to read so badly! Practice, Practice, Practice!

5. Brennan has obtained 4 new teeth since Christmas... which means we have had a lot of fever, runny noses,gru mpy baby, and attention in our house this month. We are hoping that is almost over for a while. He now has a total of 10 teeth! His favorite word right now is NO, and he uses it well and often. He has also learned to say "love you" or rather "lub oo" so so sweet! and loves to give the slimiest kisses you have ever had! :)

Well I guess that gets you caught up for the month. Sorry no Pics this time. I'm not really sure if anyone is still reading this anyways, but if by chance you are... please leave a comment saying you are. I don't want to write all this just for me. :)