Friday, January 25, 2008

Maternity Clothes here I come.

OK, so first let me start out by apologizing to Jana and Amanda, I am eating my words today! Well I woke up this morning got dressed and about two hours later started feeling an enormous pressure right around my stomache, so I removed my belt. A couple of hours after that even more pressure, so a snapped button was replaced with a hooked ponytail band. How is it that when you are pregnant you can lose 10 lbs and your clothes just get bigger and bigger? I am really not ready to be in maternity clothes, however I guess I better get ready, because my belly is growing faster than I can blink. Having said all that, I will take those maternity clothes with great joy and humility. Today I had my second OB visit and the Dr. was able to find the heartbeat!!! It is one of the most wonderful feelings to hear the first signs of life; God is so good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My First Memory Verse

William has just moved up to the next Sunday school class, b/c he turned 3. In this class they get the opportunity to learn and recite a memory verse each week. So the first memory verse he got we taped to the front of the fridge and he learned it.

"The Lord is good to all" Psalms 145. 9

Anyways we got to class on Sunday and he said, "Mrs. Diana, The lord is good to all ... songs 145.9". He was so proud of himself and when we picked him up from class the had the most gigantic lollipop he has ever seen. He was so proud he just carried it and held it all through church. What a big boy. We are so proud of him. So here he is enjoying his prize.

Dr. Doodie

Hello all! We visited a new pediatrician today for the boys. After a year of searching, I think I finally found one I really like. She had a wonderful bedside manner with the boys and really listened to concerns that I have. For those of you who are up on the bowel movement problem we have had with William, you will be glad to know a Dr. has finally referred us to a specialist. So hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will know what is truly going on in that little body, and know if everything is functioning well or not. Will and Cade are both growing like champs! William weighs 30.5 Lbs and is 37 inches tall. Cade weighs 22 Lbs and is 30.5 inches tall. The Dr was pleased with both of their development and said she would see us in a year... unless they get sick. I'll probably be seeing her next week :) hehe. Anyways, Loved the Dr.; the boys are healthy; and we are seeing a gastrointerologist in the next few weeks. I'm wondering if he will let us call him Dr. Doodie:) hahahahaha. Well I thought it was funny.

Please pray for us to get some answers to this problem and a good report for any future treatments.

Monday, January 21, 2008

He Speaks!!!

Over the last two weeks, Cade has really started trying to say words. He is too cute and one of his most and properly used phrases is "Thank You". Which is really more like "tate tu". but with the sweet little voice that he uses melts my heart every time. Also just in time for the Super Bowl, Cade has learned to but his hands over his head and say "Touch down"! It is just to cute. Some of the other words he uses often are... Mama, Dada, Bubba, More, and any time he sees an animal he either barks like a dog or trumpets like an elephant, arm motion and all. He also really likes to kiss right now, so watch out ladies! :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

So MUCH to do and So LITTLE time!

So much has happened since my last real post. We have had 4 Christmas celebrations, 2 Birthdays, and found out we have a 3rd baby on the way.

We were trying to get pregnant and found out about 3 days before we left for Christmas that God had blessed us with another baby. We had such a blast telling our family in person. I sewed a pacifier on to the mouth of two teddy bears, and put shirts on them that said "Coming Soon to a Belly Near You" We wrapped one up for each set of Grandparents and let them find out when we were opening presents. Everyone was really surprised and super excited!

We started our Christmas vacation on Friday morning before Christmas around 3:30am. We made it to Lubbock around 2:00 that afternoon, spent a couple of days at Michaels sisters house with his family. We all had a blast, but it was cut short because we had more family to visit. Sunday morning we left lubbock and headed to Muleshoe(my hometown) just in time to meet my parents for church. We spent two and a half days with my family, however again it was cut short. We then headed back to lubbock so we could wake up early and head to Dallas for another christmas celebration. We were able to see all of Michael's extended family for the afternoon, and then loaded up and headed for Waco. We spent the night and morning at Granny and Papa's house(Michaels parents) and played with the grandkids new christmas present... a go Cart. I'm not sure if the kids or the moms and DADs had more fun. So we made it home Wednesday afternoon and have been trying to recover ever since.

We spent the new year with a couple of our best friends, snacking and playing Guitar Hero. We put the kids to bed, played some cards and ended our night around 11:00... Happy New Year!

I then immediatly started preparing for the boys birthday party, that was this past Saturday. Cade turned into a Big ONE year old on Thursday, January 3rd. And William followed right after turning THREE on January 7th. We had a frog themed birthday. The kids had a blast. I couldn't have asked for a better day. One huge plus about living in South Texas.... it is consistantly warm enough in January to have an outdoor birthday party. We had a few out of town guests for the party , Aunt Jen and Granny, however most of our guests were local friends.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope to see you all soon. Below are all the pictures from the last months of events. Sorry there is so much, but they were all too cute!
Hanging out with Aunt Jen at Lunch. Happy Birthday Boys!

Our Froggy Days!

Before and After

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.... Having fun in the moonjump!