Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bubble Fun

My aunt showed me this trick and my kids love it , and since so many of you have kids around the same age I thought I would share it with all of you.
What you will need, One fly swatter for each child, pie plate/frizbee/or any other shallow dish, and a large jug of bubbles.
Pour bubbles into the dish, dip fly swatter and wave it around like crazy!!!
A swarm of bubbles will come out and entertain you kids for a very long time!!
Warning: watch for flying fly swatters, I have to swiped a couple of times, and expect sticky hands when they are done:) Hope you all give it a try. :) Happy summer:)

Here are the boys beautiful pictures. Cades is on the left and William's is on the right. They had so much fun, I also think that the pictures show so much of their personality right now, although I know most of it is just skill levels that come with age. Cade's picture is a jumbled mess of creativity, while William's picture although creative is much more organized... no colors mixing or touching, and very neat:) I have to also say William had one spot of paint on him, but Cade was painted head to toe, I'm pretty sure he was having more fun painting his stomache than his canvas. ;) Enjoy.

Some pictures of our completed projects

Ok, so once again, the pictures are sideways. I promise one day I'm going to figure out how to turn them where they will stay turned, but for now just lay on your side and enjoy the change. The first two pics are of the master bath, previously ripped blue wall paper.

The playroom, previously brown siding, and baby blue mini blinds; is now a very cute green and has cream roman shades and unique art work(by Cade and Will)

The hall bath was indescribable, and unfortunately I don't have good before picture, it is now a very pretty cream with pink, and burgundy accents(the only totally girly place in the house.)

This is our new table, we found it second hand and will have to buy chairs for it, but I love the table. Michael also hung my light!!! I bought this at the flea market for around $15 and spray painted it from gold to black.... I love it too!
The Laundry room was cream with baby blue cabinet doors, now it has transformed with a green coat on the walls and completely cream cabinets. I still need to get knobs for the cabinets.

One more of the laundry room, and the boys new found glory... hooks that they can reach. I love it!
I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to my MOM for all her help the last couple of weeks!! Love you MOM!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

And we are nesting:)

Our playroom/sun room. It was an addition to the house and for some reason the people decided to leave the storm window in place.... I thought it was awful and Michael has finally taken it out for me. We will finish painting and frame out the window seat this week.

This is the boys bathroom. It had Hideous wall paper and really dark wood cabinets, So it is all getting painted. YEAH

These two pictures are of the master bath. Bad wall paper, color blue (not my favorite) and some strange mirrors. It will soon be painted and decorated as well. :)

Now you can read and see what this is all about.

Well sorry it has taken me so long to blog, but I have to warn you that you may not get too much over the next couple of weeks. My mom is in town and is giving in to every "nesting" whim I am having. So we are painting, making curtains, organizing, and deep cleaning! I'm so blessed to have such a giving mother to come and put up with me for so long, especially when I am in project mode (sometimes I'm not the easiest to get along with). Anyways, here are a few before, or during pictures, to keep you updated on our projects.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Am I Bigger Today?

Today William came in and the first words out of his mouth were, "Good Morning Mommy. Am I bigger today?"
Me: "of course, you get a little bigger everyday."
William:"Does that mean we can go get my bunk beds today?".
Me: "No honey, not today"
William: "Tomorrow?"
Me: "We will get them soon enough"

He is so excited to get a new bed and to share a room with Cade.