Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowman Hand print Ornament

I love simple crafts and little hands!  Which is probably why I love this Christmas Craft so much!!

1. Gather your supplies!
  • medium-large shatterproof ball ornaments 1/child, green, blue, or red work best.
  • white craft paint, make sure it's washable
  • black, orange, and silver fine tip permanent marker
  • coordinating ribbon
  • paper plate
  • 1 inch paintbrush
2. Tie one ribbon through each ornament  to use as a hanger on the tree.
3.  Pour an ample amount of paint onto the paper plate. This makes for easy cleanup!
4. One at a time, ask children to hold the palm of their hands open wide and brush with an generous amount of white paint.
5. Place a single ornament in child's hand and have them grab the ornament and release...
6. Have child wash hands while you write a name and year on the ornament opposite the hand print.

7 Hang by ribbon to dry or place paint side up in the package to dry.
8. Repeat with each child until all hand prints have been made.
9. Once ornaments are dry, instruct children to draw faces, arms, scarves, or hats on each finger making them into snowmen.  You may want to do this part for the smaller children.

10. Hang on Christmas tree and enjoy for years to come!

This makes a great class project, party craft,  or homemade gift for grandparents!  Have fun!!

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