Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ode to Cade

Hello Friends and Family. I feel like Cade has been neglected in the past few posts... so this post is dedicated solely to him. Enjoy!

Here is Cade snuggling with Daddy!

Cade loves to crawl under his exersaucer... However he doesn't do so well getting out. It makes him MAD! :) But I think it is funny.

Gotta love the biter biscuits. I'm pretty sure we had a bath after this was over.

This is Cade snoozing with George. Isn't he so Cute?

This is the day we went to the beach with the young families at church... We were all having lunch, he was just hanging out taking it in. He loves to be outside.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Swim Lessons

As many of you know William is a very careful and cautious child. Having said that, he has done fantastic in swim lessons the last couple of weeks. We have been so proud at the risks he has taken.

Things William has learned at swim lessons:

1. Froggy Hop... it's easier to hop in the water than it is to walk or run. Especially when it gets deep.

2. Monkey Crawl... this is walking along the wall with you hands.

3. Blow bubbles

4. Scoop ice cream...hand and arm movements.

Things Mommy has learned at swim lessons:

1. Small splash means jump in but don't let my head go under the water. Big Splash is when you jump in and go underwater. William didn't like Big Splashes, but he got a few anyways.

2. Always give sinking toys, before floating toys. Otherwise, you will never get William to go for the toys he can not reach easily.

3. If you sign up for the last swim lessons of the season, you get private lessons... due to know one else signing up. But it was worth it! Almost better that way.

New Friends!

Arlington Heights has a new Youth and Family Minister. Welcome to Greg, Melissa, Keegan, and Babies. We have had the Privilege of having Keegan over to play for a couple of days. So here he is, making his debut, on the Caldwell blog. Isn't he cute!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hello everyone! Sorry it has been so long since I have posted. Things around here have been a little busy. Cade is full out crawling and pulling up(on everything), which means more objections from big brother than ever before. Which also means a busier Mommy or should I say referee. I have to say Cade is a miniature Godzilla, especially when it comes to Williams train set.

Here are some of the things Cade has conquered.

1. Crawling...everywhere. All over the house!

2. Pulling up. He really likes to pull up on the ottoman the most, but the stove is a close 2ND.

3. Eating table food. No steak or anything, but mashed potatoes and carrots where a huge hit.

Here are some of the things William has conquered.

1. William started pedaling his tricycle today! This means Mommy has a much happier back, from not having to bend over.

2. Drawing a circle. Well kind of a circle. At least he is making the right hand motion... not just a straight line.

3. For those of you who know our potty history... William has Pooped 6 times in the last 7 days!!!! That is like twice as much as we usually see in a month. This is definitely the biggest accomplishment on his part.

I guess this is all for now... I'll try to be more prompt on future posts.