Friday, July 27, 2007

Bunco with the Sis

Last Saturday we had our first Young Couples get together at Arlington Heights Church of Christ. BUNCO NIGHT! We has a wonderful time, good company, good food, and good games. Too bad I didn't win. Arnold and Amanda did a fantastic job planning and setting up. Michael didn't get to attend due to THE BUG!!! Yikes. So I took his wonderful sister instead. Thanks for being my date Jeanifer.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Family Fun

We spent last week in the big town of Muleshoe, TX at a family reunion. We had a lot of fun and saw so many people that I havn't seen in years. I have to say the highlight for me was finally being able to say "I remember when I used to carry you around." And not being the one that everyone was saying it to. However, I still got plenty of that. If any of you know the Stancell's you know we can't have a get together without HOMEMADE ICECREAM!!! Here is William enjoying his first taste of Vanilla. If you are wondering about all the dark spots on my son, it is either dirt or peanut butter, or a combination of the two. Below is Micheal, My brother Jared, and all four of the boys. William, Cade, Taylor (4yrs),and Andrew (2 mths), Enjoying the shade. It was good to see all of you Stancell's.

Rainy Day Entertainment

Yesterday, William decided he wanted to play outside; however it was raining so he was sent to the garage instead. About ten minutes later I see him standing in the doorway of the bedroom and I guess he got tired of being in the garage. The pictures speak for themselves. William can't peddle yet, or doesn't want to peddle yet... so he walks his tricycle. I 'm not sure how he was able to get it inside, but I'm sure glad it wasn't the tractor.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Bad Habits.

Many of you do not get to see my children very often, so I thought I would get a shot of them in there most relaxed state, sucking their fingers. William always has his blanket when sucking his thumb, however Cade will just suck his fingers because he is bored, hungry, sad, just about all the time. We are wondering if it is a sign of college choice.

Hook'em Horns ?

Gig'em Aggies?

Friday, July 6, 2007

What Dove Season?

I just had to send this our for all of our hunting friends our there. I know you can't see them all in the picture, but there are at least 24 white tip dove hanging out in our backyard. I thought I would have to lock the doors and hide the guns to keep from having a freezer full of "illegal" dove. Greg, quite dooling!

Happy Late Birthday America!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July. Ours like many of yours was really wet! And the rain didn't stop for the fireworks. The fireworks were postponed until the 5th, hence the "late birthday". Our little family ended up going to the Texas State Aquarium, for a picnic and watched the fireworks from the shoreline. William said the dolphins were his favorite, but I think he enjoyed the fireworks too. Cade woke up just in time to stare at the sky, and seemed to be more amazed than anyone. Anyways, here are the pics. Enjoy.