Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Baby Goose

A good friend of ours is babysitting a goose for a photographer friend, and we took advantage of the situation and went to visit, "Bobby" the duck. This is the boys, spending time with Bobby. Cade is completely fascinated with animals and I just knew he would love it, but was much more reserved than I thought. Fun non the less.

Super Man & his trusty side kick Cade Boy

I'll start by apologizing about the picture direction. I keep changing it but then I down load them, and they come up sideways again. If you have any tips let me know. So anyways, even though William has never seen Super Man, and Never been told about Super Man, I think it is another one of those things that is just in a boys genetics. The need to be a super hero has overwhelmed us several times this week. We got the shirt from a friend through some hand me downs, and the capes were complimentary from Memaw at Christmas time. The funny thing is he knows they go together and Cade always wants to put his cape on too. They run around the house laughing and "flying" faster and faster. We have had a couple of casualties and a busted lip from the game, but what can you do? They are so cute and one of the boys favorite games to play together. This is also William showing off his new big boy underwear.... isn't he so Vogue:) HEHE. Sorry about the many run on sentences.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Done Button

Ok, so I'm what almost 23 weeks, and the Done Button is already starting to poke out. YIKES! Baby you better hang in there with me!

Pics of our boys

Here are a couple of pictures of our boys:). Here we are at bedtime having our bedtime story.
This is a bunch of balloons that a couple of our friends brought to us, celebrating our 3 boys. 3 blue balloons for 3 boys:) Yeah!
Here is a Cade, loving on his daddy! They have such a special bond, I love to watch them together!
William eats his doughnut this morning.... It cracks me up that he eats all the icing off the top and then finishes the rest. Here he is enjoying his favorite, a chocolate doughnut:).

Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting so BIG.

Just a cute story and a little news.
1. First a little news. We are officially potty training!!! William is proving to be quite a big boy, so far one accident each day, but lots and lots of visits to tee-tee land. Great job buddy!
2. Now for the story. We were at Michael's office on Monday and William was standing patiently by the car while I was buckling Cade in. All of a sudden he said, "Mommy, LOOK!" I turned around and he was pointing at the sign on "Daddy's work" reading it aloud he said, "It says WWW, that is three W's just like you have 3 boys!"
3. More news.... that is right. We are expecting another boy! We will soon have the Caldwell Brother's Three! I'm so excited to have 3 boys, so close in age. It is so much fun right now, I can only imagine how much fun it will be like to have one more to add to the bunch. William seems really excited about it too. He keeps talking about "his brother" and i will say "Are you talking about Cade" and his answer is "No Mommy, I'm talking about my brother that is in your tummy." Cade still has no clue. He Only knows that Mommy's lap is getting smaller and he can't crawl all over anymore. SWEET BOYS!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Big Getaway

So after meeting Michael's Parents we loaded up the kids in their car and sent them home.... and we stayed behind. Two nights alone in San Antonio! This is were Michael and I spent our honeymoon, so it definatley holds sentimental value for us. We had a fantastic time and never left the riverwalk. While checking into our room, the manager asked what our plans were while we were in town. We told him we had no plans, that the kids were with grandparents and our main goal was to relax. After a short phone call he asked if we would be interested in a free upgrade, so we ended up in a $750 spa room in the Watermark hotel & spa. It was wonderful!!! Beautiful room, spa bathroom, turn down service and fantastic hotel restraunt!!!

Thank you Granny and Papa for helping us out with the kids! They had a great time!

The beautiful river.

The Train Ride

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. We have been non stop for the last couple of weeks. But here are some shots of a few of the fun things we were able to do. We went weekend before last and met Granny and Papa(Michael's parents) in San Antonio. Before they arrived we did a few fun things with the boys. At our last trip to the zoo we missed our train; it was closed before we could buy tickets. William, our little train lover, was crushed; so we made a point to go back and ride the train on this outing. Here is our family on the big train ride.... it lasted about 30 minutes. However, we did get to go through a tunnel and over several bridges. That made William's day! Here we are on the ride.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Fun Day

The Pictures are out of order... sorry.

One of the Boats at the Riverwalk.
The NCAA Tourney bracket

On Saturday we decided last minute to hed to San Antonio and take the kids to the Zoo. We had such a wonderful afternoon. Cade is so facinated with animals he was pretty content to ride in the stroller and look around, William proved to be a big boy once again and walked the entire day. Here are a few pictures of the boys at the zoo. Afterwards we went to the Riverwalk for dinner and people watching. For those of you who are not keeping up with the NCAA Tounament, it is in San Antonio... so it was fun to experience the atmosphere and excitement of the city filled with fans.
The Kids at the Zoo.
The Lemur thought the kids were pretty intersting as well. He just walked right up to the glass and stared at us for quite a while.
I think the Ostrich thought Michael was a hottie. I know he is tall Mrs. Ostrich but he is mine, back off. :)
The Rhinos were fighting... Kindof. The bigger one kept chasing the other one.. he was a bully.

Natures sweet smells Part 2

Well the smell is not as strong as it was a week or so ago, and the wasps have dissappeared for the most part, and now we have a gazzillion babies.... Grapefruit babies that is. My camer didn't focus very well, but maybe you can see the tiny green balls aka baby grapefruits. They are covering our entire tree. It is so neat to watch God's creation in action. Just wanted to share:) Happy Spring Everyone

Take me out to the Ball Game

We don't do date nights very often, but the last couple of weeks we have been very blessed to have had several times to go out as a couple and share much needed time with one another.

Corpus Chrisit is Home to the Corpus Christ Hooks!! (a feeder team for the Houston Astros) The Opening Season game was last Thursday, and Michael and I were able to go spend the evening together... No Kids:) We had a fantastic evening.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful loving husband, that works and plays, so hard for our family.
I love you honey!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A new blogger in the family!

Hey guys. My sister in law has joined the blogger world, make sure you check out my oh so cute nephews on their new site!! The Clarkson Family!