Friday, March 27, 2009

Response to the comments

In response to the comments on the last post.... Yes I completely think Brennan and William look alike, and continue to look more the same everyday. Brennan even has a similar demenor to William at 7 months old. Here are all the boys all around the same age, give or take a few months....

And about the forks... Yes I do know the guilty party, but it was payback. Don't worry though we have already joined forces and chosen the next target... Beware, the forking bandits will strike again soon. :) hehe.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Spring Break, in review.

I know that my children are not in school, there for Spring Break shouldn't really be applicable to us, but I like to observe it anyways. So for Spring Break this year we had a blast... It started as a normal week, wake up, walking, playing, lunch, nap, playing, dinner, bedtime... Here are the brothers all playing together. This was the first day that I heard, "MOM, please come get Brennan, he is tearing up the track!" I'm sure this will be a phrase heard pretty regular over the next year. Monday night, playing Mario Kart with Daddy. Cade and William are better than me at this... I'm almost a little bit embarrassed to admit that... but I know I stink at Video Games.

Here is a picture of Cade lining up his cars... William used to do this too. I love that Cade has reached this stage, it is so cute.

Brennan is CRAWLING... this day Brennan crawled over the support pieces of the chairs... and was having a blast under the table.
Brennan and his Blue eyes.

Wednesday, The brothers and I loaded up the car and headed to San Antonio... We met Aunt Callie and Taylor and Andrew at the zoo. It was a beautiful day, but the zoo was a little crowded. Brennan was such a trooper... here he is enjoying the fresh air and his toys. I love pacifier holders, even though we don't use a pacifier I still have three that I use regularly.

here are Taylor and William, our great Navigators, with the zoo map. They were studying the map so intently.. I love that the zebra and giraffe are behind them.

Aunt Callie and Andrew(22 months) at McDonalds for lunch on Thursday.

Aunt Callie and Taylor(6 years) at McDonalds.

That afternoon the boys hung out and watched a movie... arn't they cute.

Taylor is a super hero maniac... and William is quickly becoming one... Here his is wearing Taylor's Halloween costume... (wolverine) he loved it.

Friday we left and headed to Crawford to see Granny, Papa, and Aunt Jen.
Saturday we went to the Maybourne Museum (a children's museum in Waco) It was so much fun... I wish we could have stayed longer. Here is Brennan chasing some cars in the engine room.

Here is Cade taking Aunt Jen for a ride in the fire engine. Isn't that the cutest fire fighter you have ever seen?

In the Water/Bubble room, there was a table that had flowing water, you could adjust the flow by placing walls up and they float boats and ducks down your river. Here are the boys working on there river.

They also had a weather room, that showed how Tornadoes worked and you could be a newscaster and meteorologist... Here is William the weather man, he is watching himself in the monitor and doing the weather, He was pretty good too. I would definitely tune in.

Here are the brothers in the sound room walking on a piano. It was fun to try to jump from key to key and play a song.

I highly recommend this to anyone near Waco. It was great for our young kids... and sometimes that is hard to find.

After lunch we headed back to Granny and Papas and played on the swings. Both of the boys favorite thing that they did all week.

William and Papa... Hang on William:)

This was a picture of the Sunset that night. I though it was very beautiful.

Sunday, after church we tired to get some blue bonnet pictures. Here are our sweet boys, in the midst of God's amazing creation.

William, 4 years old

Cade 2 years old

Brennan 7 months old
When we got home this is what we found....



Hope you all had a wonderful Spring Break...

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Great Playroom SwapOut. (Part 2)

NOTE: Please read previous entry to get the full affect.

Well after breakfast this morning, the brothers and I got right to work, on the playroom. Here they are wiping down the toys. William cleaned all the "Rescue Heros and Super Heros" otherwise known as his favorite toys. While Cade worked on the Leapfrog ABC magnets. We worked for about 3 1/2 hours... well they gave up after about an hour, but still gave me some really good help. And here is the end result!
TA- DA!!

(Michael still has to carry the box to the Garage, but you get the idea)
I know the wall looks a little blank, but next week I have some special projects planned for the boys, and those will go up on our clothes line for display.

And here are the three hard working brothers, hanging out in their playroom together! Poor Brennan, I think he was getting a little squooshed.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Great Playroom SwapOut.

Every 2-6 months I send my strong husband to the garage to retrieve a large box. A box that stays out of reach of anyone under the age of 10. A box filled with long lost toys.... Toys that the kids have never seen before, or at least not in the last several months.

My mom gave me this idea. I divide up the toys and put different toys away every time. And when the boys start getting bored, or are arguing a lot... we swap things out. They love the day the box comes out, b/c they get to dig out all the toys and play with anything and everything their little hearts desire. Not only is it fun for them, but it also helps keep the playroom clean. Less toys in the playroom means less toys on the floor, and less toys to try to shuffle through to find things, and less frustration for me and the kids. (I'm kinda picky about things being organized... and "kinda" is a big understatement) So this really helps me to keep the toys sorted, and for the kids to learn how to pick up. The down side to this is that every 2-6 months I end up with a playroom looking like this.......

So tomorrow William Cade and I will head to the playroom for a sorting session. We will clean out old broken toys, or toys that they never play with, and we will clean them all with Clorox wipes (even the boys can help with that). So for tomorrow this is my job....

as well as this....

But mostly this....... (playing with the brothers)

Mismash pics.

Well I have a ton of random pictures that I wanted to Post, so here it is... One mismash of pictures... good luck. :)

Those of you who are around William much have heard and seen his Sketcher tennis shoes. I bogged about them a while back. Anyways, they are his super hero shoes and possibly the coolest shoes he has ever seen... at least according to him. Anyways, we bought the shoes on a Saturday and this is what we found Sunday morning. We had sent William to his room to get dressed for church and 10 minutes later we find this. One boy with an undershirt, dress socks, underwear, and ..... SUPER HERO SHOES!!! It was so funny.

Brennan is growing so much and learning so much right now. Here is our littlest big boy, sitting up. (Something he has learned this week and is already an expert).

Brennan is also a crawling fool. He really gets going and starts hopping his back legs like a frog. I'll try to put some video up soon. It is hilarious. With all the new found strength and stability also comes new adventures. Here are all three brothers swinging together for the first time. Sweet Brothers. (William really doesn't have to have a baby swing, but they have them all separated at the park, so he gets to hang out in the baby swings)

We went to a H&G show a few weekends ago, and the boys were given the spectacular firemen hats. They were so excited.

William is quite the helper with his little brothers. He came up to me yesterday and asked me to take Brennan to his room so he could babysit for me. A few minutes later here is what I found. William "reading" to Brennan, and Brennan snuggled up next to him playing and happy as could be.
I have been wanting Indian Taco's so bad, so I got online and found a recipe for Indian Fry Bread. William and Cade wanted to help me so I made them up some dough as well. Here they are playing... I have to say flour and water is a pretty cheap toy. But also a little messy. :)

Contrary to the look on their faces, they really were having a lot of fun.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Showing Our Hearts

This last week and ongoing, Michael and I are facing some very big spiritual decisions. We have been forced to slow down and look for God's purpose with our lives more than ever before. We have been looking to the Word, praying continually, seeking advice from very wise men, and talking each situation up and down and round and round... and in the end we have still come out in the same situation... that no matter how much we try to control, or how many things we try to justify. God is ALWAYS in control.
I know this is so vague for many of you, but I just want to say that, tonight, I am standing in awe of Gods plan, and his ability to, in the midst of turmoil, frustration, and confusion, still shine so brightly that there is no doubt that it is HIS plan.
With the emotion and stress, Michael and I have both let Satan slip in enough to second guess one another...but through all of the bickering, and frustrations; Tonight, God placed our marriage on a new and deeper level. Tonight our spiritual hearts were revealed to one another more raw than ever before.
Through difficult situation we are not only growing in our understanding of the Word, not only in our Faith, but also strengthening a bond as Husband and Wife in Christ Jesus.
I am so thankful that even in the middle of a storm, miracles and blessings are falling all around us. God has truly given me a man after God's own heart. I am so blessed to be Michael's helper.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

On my mind today!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL you way acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.
Proverbs. 3:5-6