Tuesday, January 26, 2010

William Turns 5!

On January 7th, William turned 5. I still Can't even believe he is 5 years old. His activity of choice was also Chuck E Cheese, so we had a great time together as a family. William is defiantly a big boy and takes on so much responsibility with his little brothers. We love his watchful spirit.

This year William Asked for a Star Wars Cookie Cake, so here is my sad attempt, William still liked it so I guess it was a success. :)

William got a wolverine costume for his birthday, and wears it all the time. He asked to wear it to Ladies Bible Class last week, but I told him I didn't think he would need to fight any villains there. Here are my two superheros.

Caderade turns 3

Our Sweetest Cade turned 3 on Janury 3rd. We spent the day at Chuck E Cheese and just spending the day together as a family. He has reached so many mile stones recently. I just can't believe how independant he is becoming.
Cade is very into Spiderman, so here is our little man with his Spiderman Brownie Cake.

And his new spiderman costume... I hope that isn't a robber in that car... Spidey is on his way to save the day!

He also got a set of guns with a holster and everything. They all love it!! He was so proud.

Happy Birthday Cade!!!

New Years Fun!

It never surprises me what I get up the nerve to do when Jeanifer and I get together. I have always had blonde or light brown hair... but of course you all know that. Anyways, with this new year came a new look... Here is my new color...

We spent New Years Weekend at my brothers house in Austin. We played games, watched football, and opened christmas presents. Fun Times.
Here are all 8 of the Grandsons. That's right NO GIRLS!!
Dont't they look like trouble?!?

My dear Brother Jared's Birthday was on the 2nd. Callie had a surprise party for him that night and this is what we all got to see.
This is our "Mullet Maestro" .
For those of you who don't know...
Jared is a band director and actually has NO HAIR. That's right it's clean as a whistle(by choice). :)

Love you Brother! Hope you had a great Birthday!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caldwell Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas day in Crawford at Granny and Papa's house. We had so much fun, and were really glad everyone made it safely with the snow storms in West Texas. We even got a little snow in Waco! The boys first time to ever see any kind of snow... too bad there wasn't enough to play in. Here are some pics from our time together! All the siblings hangin out. Greg, Michael, and Jeanifer

With 7 Adults and 7 kiddos... Presents were everywhere. We are so blessed to have such a large family!

Michael and a few of the kiddos. Yes Emily... No matter how big you get you are still going to be one of the kiddos. :)

Go Cart time... always fun at Granny and Papas.

Brennan loved the Go Cart. We could here him screaming with happiness the whole time.

Our sweet Nieces and Nephews. Emily, Alyssa, Grant, and Cole

Grandad and Williams broken Arm

Above: Michael, the brothers and Grandad Caldwell. Grandad and Aunt Nancy came to visit us Just before Christmas. It was a short visit, but so good to see them!!

Below: William changed cast. Went from the mondo blue elbow cast to a slim green short cast.

Looking at his Ben 10 Watch waiting for the Dr to come pull the metal rod out. It only took a few seconds and William said, "it felt funny" He did so great. The bones werent quite healed so the other cast goes on.
His new Cast. the white guaze came off in the car. It was only there to stop the bleeding from the rod.

William got his Cast removed on Jan. 12th. And still comes up to me sometimes to discuss his straight arm.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Pre Christmas FUN!

We had so much fun during the month of December. Friends, Family, and Fun projects were at the top of our list. Here are the fun sugar cookies we made one Saturday morning... Cade made Christmas frogs and tadpoles... while the rest of us stuck to more traditional things like Candy Canes, snowmen(William), Christmas Trees(Michael), and gifts(Audra). Cade loves to play Santa in his sleigh.

We had to go visit the "Big Guy". Here are the boys checking out the polar Express train display while waiting to see Santa.

Cade 2, Brennan 16months, and William 4

We also made some gingerbread houses with our dearest friends.





More Pics to come... ( I'm still working on holiday scheduling, so it takes a while to get things done)