Monday, November 1, 2010

Game Day Face!

We are defiantly a football family! The boys are getting bigger and the realization of football is ever growing. I love to see all 4 of the boys (Michael and the brothers) sitting on the couch, cheering and examining every move the players make. So... here is my favorite Game Day Face! All I can say is whoever he is up against, better watch out!! We are out to win!

Also, a friend of mine is giving away an amazing Game Day Pack on her blog A Southern Fairytale... Check it out! 


  1. Big football family here, too. But you never said who your team is?? We watch some college (A&M), but mainly love NFL. Green Bay Packers, fans!! Jeremy has loved them since he was a kid. When we got married, I hated football, but realized it was only because I didn't understand it. Once I knew what was going on, and saw how much he loved it, I started to love it too. Sunday is football day around here...well, church, THEN football. :)

  2. Oh my, I can't believe I didn't put our teams on this post!!!
    Our home country is Lubbock, so we are Texas Tech fans all the way. Guns up!!
    NFL, we are always with the Houston Texans. One day we are going to make it to a game, you know when we win the lottery...???