Monday, March 31, 2008

Bottoms Up!

I know my mom is going to gasp while reading this, but here it goes anyways. Mom, Prepare yourself. We Caldwells are all milk drinkers.... it goes back many generations (I'm sure of it). When I say milk drinkers I'm refering to the milk left in the bowl after all the yummy cereal is gone. Who can resist that yummy sweet milk, Not us that is for sure. Cade has finally realized the yummy goodness that awaits him as well. Here he is slurping up the last of his breakfast. YUMMY YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Past and Present

This is a post of the past and present. This is William at 15 months old. His second Easter. And below is Cade at 15months old. His second Easter as well. It is so funny how they are so different and so much the same. I was just reminiscing and thought I would share. What do you think? Same of Different?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Let Go Fly a Kite up to the Highest Height.

These Pictures were taken Saturday a week ago. Aunt Jen bought a kite for William and Cade to play with while she was here. So we spent some family time at the ball fields behind our house and flew the kite. It was the perfect day for kites!!! And William thought it was great. He did a really great job holding it. Here are some pictures of our outing!!

Aunt Jen and William Watching.
Here is Mommy and her sweet boys!
Daddy playing around

Easter Memories

Easter! Such a fantastic holiday with such a marvelous story to go along with it. We spent the weekend as a family doing fun things. And ended the weekend with a morning remembering the day at hand. What a wonderful sight that must have been for the diciples and Mary to see. Jesus standing before them, Alive and Well! Yesterday we had several overshadowing events take place that caught Michael and I off guard and dampered our attitude and thoughts, but I will say it was a refreshing sight to watch the joy and innocents our children had to keep our focus on the fact that Jesus is Alive and Well; even today!

Here are some pics of our Easter Egg Hunt.... Aunt Jen joined us for the week.... and it was nice to have her here on Easter. Love you Aunt Jen!

Natures sweet smells.

In our backyard we have a large grapefruit tree, in which I have a very love hate relationship with. Michael or I neither one like grapefruit too well, so usually the grapefruit just ripen, fall off the tree and have to be picked up daily to keep the bugs away. We end up throwing most of them away. However, this time of year is my favorite time with our tree. The grapefruit are all gone and the blooms are back. The are so pretty and they fill our entire yard with a sweet and fresh scent. It is heavenly! Here are a few pics of our blooms. :)

Picnic -n- Play

This was last week. we are loving the south Tx weather. The boys love to play outside, and I say... "The more mess we keep outside the less mess we make inside." Plus the fresh air is good.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I have butterflies!

I have butterflies, or maybe its a baby:) That's right I am feeling the first little kicks, spats, and fidgets of our newest bundle. YEAH!!!. This picture is a little old, I'll try to get a new one up soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

So Good to see you Longview

The African Caldwells are here to visit!!!
Rusty, Ann and Hallie got back to America about two weeks ago, so it was about time that we all got together as a family to celebrate their homecoming. They are missionaries in Nomba, Mozambique; and do wonderful things so make sure to check out the link to their blog on the side.
We traveled to Longview last weekend to see friends and lots of family. It was so wonderful to be back and see so many familiar faces. It made us miss everyone so so so so so so so Much!!!!!! Ok here is your Warning... There are a ton of pictures so get ready:)
Here are Russ, Ann, and Hallie
Rusty showed the family some pictures and explained projects they have going on their farm.
After Lunch on Sunday the Aunts had an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Here they are hunting and all lined up on the porch with their treasures. (Back L to R: Emily, Grant, Alyssa; Front L to R: Hallie, Cole, William, Cade, Amelia)
Aunt Carrol and Ann Having Fun.
Cade with his Easter Eggs. He didn't quite grasp the idea of putting the eggs in the bag, so instead he would carry one egg in each hand until he found another egg and then he threw one down and picked up the new one. Very Cute.
The Family at the Big Hunt. :)
William enjoying Aunt Carrol's toys.

Hallie shows off her new clothes. She it a typical girl and wanted to put them all on as soon as she got them.
Emily and William with their Glasses.
William and Hallie Cutie Cousins:)
After a fun and exciting weekend, The ride home speaks for its self!
To all of our friend we saw, " It was so wonderful to see you all and to get a few hugs and some much needed familiar smiles. Your families are ever changing and we miss you all so much."
To all the friends we didn't see, "We hope to see you all soon. Sorry we missed you! I hope that next time we can stay longer and visit everyone"
To Rusty and Ann: Rusty spoke on Sunday morning and I have to say it was one of the most moving things I have heard. " Thank you Rusty and Ann for opening your hearts and souls to the Lords work. Thank you for sharing your life stories and being such an inspiration to all of us. You are in our constant prayer, May God Continue to Bless you and Keep you! We love you.
Enjoy your Vacation:) "

Monday, March 10, 2008

Its a Tsunami.

This picture was taken from our front door on Thursday afternoon. It rained so hard, a few minutes after I took this picture you couldn't even see the houses across the street.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Random Acts of Kiindness

Yesterday was one of the worst days I have had since becoming a mother. Both boys were testing me to the most extreme limit, Michael was working late, and no break was in sight. I went to bed feeling frustrated, hopeless, and like a very very awful mother. Today I woke up determined to have a better day, no matter what actions and excitement the boys had in store for me. But my positive idea was quickly broken when right from the get go William started throwing fits and refusing to listen to anything I had to say. Lucky for me I did have a break coming to me. PLAYGROUP! One hour later i headed over to a girlfriends house to meet the other moms and let the kids play. Donna and I were talking about the crazy hours Michael has been keeping, and she just asked what her family could do for us during this time; and offered to take the boys off my hands every once in a while to give me a break. I don't know if the need to take her up on her offer will arise, but after our day yesterday, I may for my own sanity. After playgroup, the boys and I have ended up meeting Michael for lunch. Both boys were pretty well behaved, William did great, Cade was pulling his regular stunts of trying to stand up in the high chair and play with everything on the table, you know the normal stuff. H was also jabbering and playing with a few men at the table next to us. He kept trying to share his food, and so they kept playing back with him as well. When we got ready to leave and asked for the check, the waiter told us the man in the green hat and the next table had already taken care of it. Michael and I were so surprised and didn't really know what to say to the man. All we could do was so thank you, and he just told us what good kids we had, and how much fun they were and how much they reminded them of his grand kids. It was so sweet! And after all this, William came up to me after nap, leaned against the table, and said, "Hows it going Mom". All I could say is "Pretty good". He proceeded to give me a hug and say, "Mommy I'm trying really hard to make good choices." It almost brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet boy.

Anyways to say the say the least, God was watching after us/me today and gave me a huge boost of reassurance in His parenting skills. :) I will leave you with a cute picture of our family. All my boys on Valentines day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Longveiw Here we Come

All I can say is Finally!!! We finally have an opportunity to go back to one of our former homes. Longview TX here we come, and I can't wait. I know we wont see nearly as many people as we would like, but I'll take anyhing I can get. See you this weekend, my long lost longviewites:).