Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinnertable Games to get Families Talking

Families are busier than ever.  I know there are some nights that we don't even get to spend dinner time together.  The nights we do, most of the time the kids want to share everything about everything, but sometimes dinner is spent exhausted and tight lipped. If you need a little help getting your family talking (like me)... These games help get your family talking and connecting with out even realizing.

Oh by the way, sometimes we also use these in the car! 

1. Would you Rather...
I love that this gets the kids creative minds thinking. Each person comes up with a scenario, and go around the table telling which scenario we "would rather choose" and why.  Here is my favorite would you rather so far... 

Would you rather have a left arm made of jello or of cake? 
William answered "Jello, so I wouldn't leave crumbs everywhere I go."

2. The Alphabet Game
Start by coming up with a topic or theme for the evening. Go around the table as each person names one item (starting with A and going to Z) related to the chosen theme.
Theme: Bible Characters,  Adam, Barnabus, Christ, David, Eve, Festus (I had to google that one), God, Habbakkuk, ... you get the point.
If you get stuck, move on to the next letter; but make sure to come back as a family to look up the missed information. (learning opp)

  • Theme ideas for younger kids: Animals, Food, Places, Names, Toys, Bible Characters,
  • Theme ideas for older kids: US Cities, Bible Characters, Being a Good Friend, Attributes of Jesus
By the way, sometimes we only get a few letters in, because the kids will start to tell the information they have to share about a certain topic, and end up talking the rest of the meal... remember the object isn't to finish, its to get everyone talking and involved!

3. High-Low or Peak-Pit
As Dinner is gearing up  and your day is winding down. It's a perfect time to reflect on the day behind you.  As each member shares the High (favorite part) and Low(worst part) of their day.  I love that this opens our eyes to the things that are important to our children and opens the door for us to ask more about any issues they may be dealing with.

How does your family connect during the week? Is it at the dinner table, bedtime or maybe breakfast? Do you play games to get your family chatting? We want to know... Please share your wisdom with other moms and families in a comment below!

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