Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day, to my Husband!

Hello My Dear Friends.  I'm so happy you have chosen to stop by!  Today I want to wish each of you a Very Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you are celebrating all the love around you today, from you friends and family, or maybe a special someone, but most of all the Ultimate love from our Heavenly Father.

This particular post is really directed toward one special person in my life. Someone who God placed right in front of me at just the right time. This is a post I have mulling over and over in my head for sometime, and well what better way to share the way you feel about someone than today, right? I just  also wanted to make sure I didn't miss something, that I was able to portray characteristics fully and boldly, and that the feelings in my heart would flow out of the written words and into your hearts and make you feel as wonderful as me. However, no matter what I write or how I write it... I just can't seem to find all the words.

However no matter what you pull from this post... I do hope that in some way or another it will inspire you to think of those particular things you love about your husband. What is it that keeps your heart pounding and fluttering? What characteristic does you hubby have that first caught your attention? And after you spend some time thinking about these things... share away!  Our hubby's need to hear those words from us, just as we do from them.

Happy Valentine's Day


To My Best Friend, My Love, My Husband,
On this 10th Valentine's Day together; I want to go back and remember the story of a boy... who chased a girl... who finally  saw what an amazing gift God had placed right in front of her! And 10 years later continues to be amazed as the boy has turned into a man, a spiritual leader, a husband, a father, a mentor, and... so much more!  On this day, I wanted to tell you some things that I love about you, things that make you special, things that I treasure about you, things that I know I don't tell you enough. I know that in no way is this list complete, I don't think it ever will be.



I love that you rough house with our boys and show them love in a ways only a father can love.

I love that you love and respect my grandparents enough to crawl on the tail gate of my granddad's yellow Toyota to trim branches of their pecan tree with bolt cutters and did it with a happy heart. (Even after grandad started driving off while you where still working, chuckle.)

I love that you have supported and continue to support me while I wander through this emotional journey with family.

I love that you  have sought out and surrounded yourself with other Godly men as friends and brothers.

I love that you stayed an extra day at Christmas to fix my mom's computer.

I love that you tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear; but also that sometimes you know I just need to hear your voice and that is enough.

I love that you put so much time and energy pouring into teenage boys as you coach them through the game of  basketball and more importantly in through the game of perseverance and teamwork.

I love that you set aside time to pray with our boys each night. And talk about the character of a man.

I also love that you are that man of character and that all you say you also live out.

I love that you care about the color of the paint... not because you actually care about paint, but because you know it is important to me.

I love that you give me so much grace even when I am careless and don't follow through with some of the responsibilities that I should.

I love that you kiss me everyday when you come in from work and that you always ask about my day.

I love that after you kiss me, you then go through the house to make sure each of the boys is also greeted and feels special care from daddy.

I love that you read my blog and ask questions or make supportive comments about the things I post.

I love that you help carry in groceries even after a long day at work, and that you never complain.

I love that you joke and flirt  with me and keep life fun.

I love that you feel so deeply when people are hurting and pray continuously for them.

I love that you can look at me from across the room and know what I'm thinking and vice versa.

I love that our marriage is so important to you, and that you guard yourself to keep it sacred.

I love that you love God before me, and because of that you can fully love me.

I love that while I am writing this and thinking over it... my heart begins to pound and flutter because you just do that to me.

I love you because of who you are and who you strive to be.  I love you, Michael Caldwell! 
Happy 10th Valentines Day!

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