Thursday, February 16, 2012

Musings from a Mother of Boys: Follow up from the Ingeted Lego

Well, many of you have read our happenings with the ingested Lego. Thank you to those of you who commented and helped to put my worries at bay, and for those of you that have followed up with phone calls or in person inquiring of the outcome of the toy.  If you didn't see that post late last week, you can catch up here

You all now know the Lego was swallowed around 8:00 Thursday morning. Well, all day I stayed alert waiting for Brennan to make any notion that he may need to use the restroom. Sure enough, around 6:00, Brennan took off to the restroom where he found his brother. Which, was good for me.. I needed the alert.
Brennan: "Hurry, I need to go poo."
Brother: silence

Ah, the moment I had been waiting for all day had come.  (I want to take a moment and place a little side note. Any of you reading this that are not mother's yet... I know that I may sound a little dramatic, but one day you will find yourself, for one reason or another, waiting for your sweet precious to pass a little stink bomb. And the relief you will feel when everything looks normal is well.... good.) So, I'll continue.. the moment came,  I grabbed a trash bag and ran to the bathroom. stretched it over the potty seat and gave Brennan some privacy.  After a few minutes he was finished and low and behold... the Lego was delivered! 

Well,  for those of you who have not dealt with this particular issue... here is my advice on how to find an ingested object in stool.  (Gross, I know... but hey it's a part of motherhood and so I will continue.. if nothing else than to fill your curiosity.)

First, and possibly the trickiest part, catch you child before they have to go potty.  Raise the lid and seat of the potty and spread a trash bag over the inside (as if placing it in a trash can).  Lower the seat and let your little one do the doo.  When finished, remove the bag and tie the top in a knot. (This is the grossest part) Smash on the bag, to determine if the lost object is present.  I opened the bag and used TP to remove the item and sanitize well with bleach. "What? It was a brand new toy... "  Then dispose of the trash bag, OUTSIDE!

Well there you have it! A long day with a happy ending! And yes, Brennan did get his Golden Lego saw (above) back.


  1. Not a chance! Call Lego and ask them to mail you another! lol

  2. totally disgusting- and quite useful ;) I have 3 boys so. . . can't shock me.

  3. I am so cracking up! Yep - that's the glamorous job of motherhood. You gotta love it!

  4. Haha! Kelli, I'm sure it's only a matter of time.. One day I'll tell you about the screw up the nose... and the bug in the ear... Oh the tales of a mother! :)