Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Chemical Free Cleaning - Window Blinds

Hey I keep a pretty clean house.  I sweep and mop almost weekly. I am pretty good at dusting, or at least assigning one of the kids to dust.  The kitchen is spotless every night before I go to bed, and toilets stay sanitized (necessity with boys, stinky) But please, please, please, don't peak at the fans( I just turn them on if someone is coming).. and don't even speak of between the couch cushions (there is no telling what you might find there), the top of the fridge (yikes), but you CAN inspect my window blinds all you want!  That's right, my window blinds are spotless, well almost spotless, thanks to a little tip from a friend. 

Want to know the secret?  Ok, I'll tell you but you have to promise to share it with EVERYONE you know... (just click the facebook or twitter button below and share away). 

Ok, so here it is... a dryer sheet!  Yep that's it, that is the big secret!  I know you are thinking "Really?" but I promise I have tried feather dusters, electro-static dusters, and every cleaner you can imagine... but none of them have done the job like a dryer sheet, not even my vacuum.

You don't even have to use a new dryer sheet.  in fact I think the used dryer sheets are easier to use because they are softer, and wrap around the slats better. The dirt is attracted to the dryer sheet and the softener helps to repel new dust. No stinky cleaners or expensive cleaning tools; it all free! Well, as long as you use dryer sheets.

I used one dryer sheet per window. Start by, turning the blinds down and rubbing side to side in short repetitive strokes(like and eraser) with the used dryer sheet. Then, turn the blinds up and repeat the process for the other side.  You will probably have to wipe up a gathering of dust from the window seal... or at least I did (my blinds were really dirty).  Give it a try!! I would love to see if you gals have as much luck as I have, so go on.. you know you have a few used dryer sheets floating around your laundry room, it really only takes a few minutes. Then, please come back and tell me what you thought.  Was this a helpful cleaning tip for you? 

PS.  I haven't tried yet, but I bet it works on those ceiling fans too!

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  1. A cleaning method that helps minimize the use of harmful chemicals is always welcome. I would give those dryer sheets a try one of these days. If it works for me, I will surely share this secret to my close friends.