Friday, February 10, 2012

Favorite Things Friday

I came across a wonderful blogger , Rachel, at  Finding Joy,
Friday's over at her place are Favorite Things Friday,
A post designed to reminisce over the past week of photos and happenings
 to reflect and share the simple blessings you experienced. I enjoyed it so much, and encourage you to do the same!  Happy Friday, Gals! 


Sweet Big Brothers
who look after little brothers and make sure they are supplied fun stories

Silly Pajama Monsters
That won't eat you up but might cuddle you silly!
A natural love of reading.
Will had gone to the library at school
and brought home a new Star Wars book.
He couldn't get enough and ended up reading half the book in one afternoon.
with a spirit to take on the world
They remind me of the boys in "Will, the Mighty Warrior"

Gifts full of love for a day dedicated to show love.
Loving 3 little sets of hand prints, melts my heart!
Kind hearts and curious minds.
A new fish always makes it OK to sit on the counter top all day!
His name is B.O. , not what you's actually short for Black & Orange.
Makes me giggle every time I hear it.

4 days later, he still loves to sit and watch his fish.

Where did you find Joy this week? Leave a comment below and them make sure to jump over and link up with Finding Joy!


  1. okay, the pajama monster takes the cake! how cute!!!

  2. Sweet pictures!!! Love the warriors -- I've got some of them at my house. And I love that you encourage that strength. We do as well.

    And, like my sweet friend Carissa said, the pajama monster takes the cake! So incredibly cute.

    Thanks for linking and for your very kind words.