Thursday, February 9, 2012

Musings from a Mother of Boys: The one with the ingested Lego!

"Look Brennan, Mommy found your Lego."
"Thank you, Mommy."
"Your welcome, be careful not to drop it so you can play with it when we get home, OK?"
Yes, that was how the conversation went this morning when getting back in the car from dropping my oldest son off at school.  Brennan had just bought a new Lego Ninjago set two day before and had lost a small saw-like weapon on the way home from the store.  Well I found it and Brennan seemed to be a very happy boy, UNTIL...

Driving down to road, I heared gasping, gagging, coughing, and more gagging. I quickly and abruptly pulled over to the shoulder of the road, unbuckled him just in time for him to gag, cough, cry, (All the while me holding it together on the outside and panicking on the inside) and then gulp... the Lego went down. Brennan was breathing (answered prayer).  However... now part from the choking and part from the realization that his BRAND NEW toy was now in his tummy, panic came over his face and he began to clammer up my leg, screaming.  I finally consoled him enough that I felt like I could buckle him in his seat, and we headed home, with one panicky boy and a quite frazzled mommy.  Of all the things we have dealt with, busted heads, broken bones, screws in the nostrils, cuts and bruises... this is our first dealing with ingested toys.  I guess it had to happen sooner or later!  For now, he sleeps.

So I guess we will have Brennan poo in a bag for a few days so hopefully we can make sure the Lego saw passes... Haven't decided if I'll try to clean it up and give it back to him or just throw it away. (I know your probably disgusted that I'm even considering it, but I am. )

Have you guys dealt with ingested money, toys, ... anything foreign?  What did you do? How long did it take to come out? Help a momma out!  Suggestions wanted!


  1. Oh, Audra, my momma's heart aches for yours! The ingested object issue -- yes -- I have dealt with it. We've had some things pass. When Samuel was little he swallowed a sequin craft star that got stuck in his throat and we ended up having to have it removed by a GI doctor. That was a long, long day and night {post is starstuck}. I think as long as your little guy is doing okay breathing wise then he should be okay. Do you know what piece he swallowed? Was it round?

    Thanks by the way for the encouragement for my Samuel and allergies. You were exactly right -- I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the initial diagnoses and all the changes that must be done, but you know I know that it can be done or will be done and it will be good for his health.

    Grateful for your encouragement and prayers. I'll be praying for your Brennan {love that you've got a little one with that name as well} and for safe passage of that lego.


  2. Girl - I am cracking up because I remember those days! The worse we had ingested was a tube of A&D ointment. AFter calling poison control they said it would pass and believe it or not that was very common among little ones. Crazy - what's in A&D that makes kids ingest. Totally gross. I say - just clean the toy up and give it back to him-not! Love ya girl.