Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tips and Tricks on Eating Healthy in the New Year!

2012 is officially here and with each New Year, comes New Year's Resolutions.  I am reminded each time I turn on the TV that health and fitness are at the top of many Resolution lists each year.  Well, I don't have any magical fitness routines that are going to give you washboard abs, or help you drop a gazillion pounds in 2 days or less.  But I do have a few simple tips on eating healthy. 
Don't misunderstand, I'm not a health nut. We eat plenty of junk and processed goodies around this house. But we do urge healthy choices when choosing snacks and try our best to get balanced meals.  So here are some tips from a regular mom... that struggles just like you to get my kids eating healthy and keep myself out of the cookie jar! :)

Tip # 1:  Trick your mind, keep healthy foods in plain view.Keep healthy snacks in eye shot.  Don't hide those oranges away in a refrigerator drawer!  Place it in a pretty bowl in the middle of your table or on the counter top.  If that is what you are seeing that is what you will eat.  * By the way... I highly recommend Cuties. I know they are made for kids, but I love that there are no seeds to mess with and they peel like a dream. I'm a bit of a Cutie addict right now! I regress.... :)
  • Store nuts and dried fruit in pretty jars ON YOUR COUNTER or a nearby shelf.
  • Keep granola on hand. It's great for a crunchy snack or to add some texture to yogurt or a salad.
  • Store healthy pantry items on eye level shelves, keep sweets and other trigger foods on higher shelves and up and out of the line of sight. High shelves rather than low, also keep it out of your kids line of sight.

Tip #2: Keep everything convenient! The easier it is to grab the more likely you will be to grab it.
  • As soon as you get home from grocery shopping, wash fruit and prep any vegetables.  You are more likely to eat fresh veggies when they are ready to go.  If you get in a crunch you take time to wash veggies and will find yourself grabbing more processed (calorie filled) foods. Don't have time to prep... buy fresh veggies that are already prepped. I know it costs more, but so does that bag of potato chips.
  • Prepacked smoothie ingredients into individual size baggies by freezing them in muffin tins.  In the morning or for a mid afternoon snacks throw them in a blender and  VIOLA!  Smoothie in an instant!
LacyinLove, has a great walk through for smoothie packs over on her site.

Tip #3: Fridge is a good bet!
  • Still searching for a snacks, search the fridge first.  Keep you fridge well stocked with string cheese, cottage cheese, boiled eggs, yogurt, and those ready to eat veggie sticks. You will always find healthier food in the fridge than you will in the pantry. Again, store them at eye level, use that drawer for your ketchup or something. :)

Tip #4: Drink more Water!!
  • Stay hydrated!  With all the cute thermoses, and Tervis Tumblers (love them) out there you have no reason not to drink more water!!!  Unless your name is Jared and you don't like the taste.   In that case have you been on Pintrest.... Sassy Water is everywhere right now.   2 qts. water, 1 lemon, 1 cucumber, 10 mint leaves... cover and place in the fridge overnight... yummy flavored water waiting for you the next morning.
  • Oh, and don't forget that there are a million and one choices for flavoring water. I really like this one from Kraft. MiO Water Enhancer... Peach Tea is my Favorite so far!  
  • MiO Liquid Water Enhancer, Sweet Tea

Tip #4: Protein, Protein, Protein!
  • Keep your hunger at bay with proteins!  Broccoli, Nuts, Eggs, and Beans are great and easy choices to keep on hand!  *I like to keep Garbonzo Beans in the fridge sprinkled with a little course cracked pepper, YUMM!

OK, I know some of these are common sense, but they do work for me and my family!  Good luck on your resolutions, or on just eating a little more healthy through the next year. Happy 2012!

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