Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caderade is 5!!

It's official... Our sweet Cade is 5 years old. 

 He has gone from an easy going baby, with astonishing blue eyes, to...

 A mud monster...

 To mommy's angel...

What Cade has to say about being 5...
What are you looking forward to this year? Buying my own DS
What is your favorite memory while you were 4? Playing with my brothers
What is your favorite food? Gummy Bears
What is your favorite color? Yellow
What is your favorite animal? Cheetahs and Black Panthers

 1 year old
 I love the little moments of my sweet boy that he shares throughout the day. I love his growing maturity and curiosity that he expresses in his nightly prayers.  I love the way he looks after his brothers and is always wanting to be near them.  I love to watch him play with his plastic animals and the imaginative story lines that flow through his mind.  So here is a Big Happy Birthday, to our Sweet Cade! We love you!

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