Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

For the last several years we have had a Birthday party for Jesus in some form or fashion, sometimes as a church children's party, with a few friends, or just as a family.  This year we decided to invite a few friends over and celebrate in typical birthday fashion, Balloons, Punch and Cake!!

We started by telling the kids, what the Bible says about Jesus's birth. My dearest friend Shannon did an amazing job!!
 The kids each added the character they were given as it came up in the story.
 Mrs. Shannon was talking about how stinky the stable must have been.. Brennan thought that was funny.
 Afterwards we sang, "Happy Birthday to Jesus" and shared some punch and cupcakes! The kids had so much fun and I love the happiness and joy that was shared during these couple of hours. I know Jesus was laughing and smiling along with us!

Afterwards we had some crafting fun and made our party favors!  Check out the How-To on this Hand Print Snowman Ornament.
Families that wanted to were also asked to bring an unwrapped toy to go to a local charity, as Birthday gifts to Jesus!  Tis better to give than to receive!

Does your family have a Birthday Party for Jesus?  How do you celebrate Jesus's Birthday?

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  1. Love Love Love this! Love you too - was great seeing you at the service. Merry Christmas to you and your family.