Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Topper: A Family Tradition

Growing up I remember several tree toppers.  A garland star with a multitude of colored twinkle lights, and  a glowing angel with really bad hair top the list of tree toppers that came through our home at Christmas.  Don't get me wrong, I loved our tree and looked forward to putting it up each year. However, the first year I had my own tree I couldn't wait to top it with a beautiful bow or bouquet of gorgeous feathers... but to my surprise what I got instead was so much better than I could ever imagine.  As Michael and I decorated our first tree I mentioned going to get our tree topper a little later in the day, while we did some Christmas shopping.  Michael looked at me in great disappointment and confusion and said, "No, I'll be making the star!"  Uhhhmmm ok.. I thought.  Then he began to gather supplies; which included cardboard, aluminum foil, and wire.... I know you are now thinking what I was... Seriously!  We have this beautiful tree and there is no way we are putting some sort of kindergarten aluminum foil craft on top of it! 

Well, 9 Christmas's later that same beautiful star graces our tree each year.  I love it and I love that Michael's parents have an aluminum foil star and one day maybe our boys will be making aluminum foil stars for their first Christmas with their new bride. This foil star has come to be one of the prized possessions in our Christmas boxes because of the simplicity and sense of family tradition that it holds.  

What tops your tree?  Does it have any special meaning?  

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