Monday, December 19, 2011

Ornamental Christmas Fun: A Family Tradition

Last week I mentioned that we have several Family Traditions that we look forward to during the Christmas Season.  One that we all look forward to is... The Great Ornament Hunt.

William's letter tube.  We keep all their letters from years past in this tube! I loved looking back at the letters and pictures that have been shared through the years.

Our Christmas tree is not one you would see in a catalog. It's not color coordinated and beautified with feathers, ribbon, and vintage glass ornaments.  No, our tree is actually a bit random. I would describe it as a misfit tree... definitely a personality of it's own... with each characteristic being special and unique. 

Some trees are beautiful but after you have looked at them for 2 minutes you have seen everything there is to see, not our tree.  No, our tree is one you can look at for an entire month and still see something new and special each day.  It's a tree that hold so many memories on it's fake polyester branches that I get sentimental goose bumps each time I pass by.

Each year our tree gets a new set of ornaments. They don't replace the old  but to add to the story they tell.  The funny memories they represent, the happiness that is felt on the night each ornament is hand picked and carefully carried home and added to the collection of memories that already find refuge in it's branches.

Cade's choice this year... He is our animal lover!
One evening during the Christmas season, the whole family piles in the car, and we head to dinner.  After dinner the hunt is on.  We usually hit one or two stores that have a mass variety of ornaments and each person grabs up an ornament of their choice.  Sometimes it represents a milestone hit that year, or a developing interest; and then again sometimes it's totally random and we all get a good laugh!

Brennan likes the sparkle ornaments.

Wreck'em Tech... Michael's pick.

This is as close to vintage as we get... ornaments from Michael's Kindergarten school crafts 1985, and my Kindergarten school craft 1987.

Some of my Favorites!!
 Because without the cross, you can't really appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. (Stained glass cross made by my parents preacher... gifted to me by my father.
 Christmas Nail gifted by my sweet sister-in-love, Kristi)  I love that after all the fun and laughs that come with each ornament, with just a few small mementos we are reminded of the glory and joy that brings this holiday to our life. Merry Christmas to you all!  May your traditions bring you joy and goodwill as you focus your family on the wonderful miracle of Christ's Birth!

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