Monday, October 18, 2010

You Made It!! Seasons of Change.

Well, If you are reading this I'm assuming you made the change. I'm going to encourage you to please take the time to update/change any links you may have to my previous blogs, it will be deleted eventually. and subscribe to the RSS feed... (meaning you will be emailed any new posts from Cup of Daisies)

So go ahead...  Take your time... I'll wait....  You almost done?  Last chance..... ok moving on 

With the change of seasons, also came a change for me personally. I have faced a few crossroads over the past several months, and recently decided to give in to God's new direction in my life (always better if you do this in the first place)and embrace the love I have for writing. No, I'm not talking about a book, or even anything professional (YET), but to make the time during the day to come here and share my experiences, thoughts, and heart. So I am making a commitment to myself and to you that I will be updating more! Some updates you will like, some you won't, some you will probably start to think I've lost my mind (and secretly I'm probably thinking the same thing).  But please take the time to comment, it does mean so much to me and helps me to stay motivated,  Just let me know what you think, or share some of your similar or non similar thoughts. Even a comment of something you would like me to write about would be great!

Also in this season of change,  I was accepted to be a food contributor for and have already begun to submit some of my cooking experiments. Be looking for them here if you wish. I  feel it a great honor to have this opportunity, and hope that it will lead to a fun new adventure with many new friends.

I also want to quickly point out a few new things on my blog... One the buttons across the top. The first three won't change much, but "Sites I Love" will be updated regularly with sites I use for shopping, homeschooling, inspiration, or just keeping up with good friends.  You will always be able to find a link to Blissfully Domestic there.  I  have also added some store links, Amazon and Google. Please feel free to access Amazon by way of my blog, I assure you it will be appreciated. 

Anyways, I guess that is it for now. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  1. Updated my links! Good luck on your new writing adventures. Can't wait to see your first article. Congrats!!

  2. Like the new site. Love to all

  3. Thanks Crystal. Thanks Aunt Pam. Good to hear from you both!!