Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 5 Ways to Pull a Loose Tooth

Well, no matter what I do, my sweet boy just keeps growing. Last week, William had the nerve to actually lose the loose tooth that has been hanging on for the last month. His very first loose tooth... It was so tiny!!! And of course, He handled it like a champ. He now looks so much older, but so precious too!

So for any of you other mothers, with children who have yet to lose a tooth... Here are my

Top 5 Ways to Pull a Tooth
 (disclaimer: Proceed at your own risk, Always check with you dentist first)

1. The Door:  Tie a string/dental floss to lower part of the loose tooth... tie the other end to a door, and proceed to slam the door shut. Make sure there is no slack, as this will not pull the tooth and terrify your child, who probably won't let you attempt again.

2. The Car: Same as number one, only this time tie the opposite end to a high powered, remote control vehicle. Vroom Vroom, Let'er Rip... literally.  Be careful of flying teeth, you don't want to lose these little treasures.

3. Sugar daddy's Carmel on a stick candy...(MY FAV.)  Just get that Carmel nice, warm and melty; bite down using loose tooth, and pull the caramel out... Viola, you have one tooth stuck in the candy. No risk of lost teeth flying through the air, but you may eventually lose extra teeth from the sugar bugs.

4. Eating apples, carrots, or other food that forces you to bite with your front teeth... or like my nephew; you can just bite down on your desk at school. ( I know gross, pretty sure mom and dad had a talk with him about that)

5. The Original:  If all else fails and you can't come up with anything more creative. Give daddy a washrag, have your child open wide, grip and pull.  It will be out in a jiffy. (this is what we eventually reverted to)

Happy Teeth Pulling to everyone!!

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