Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday or Tuesday.

Easy chicken Dinners is the name of the Game this week! Yesterday got so busy... one thing after another. But I will be posting recipes for Monday's and Thursday's Dinner Later today!!
Tangerine Marmalade Chicken, Stuffing, Veggie

Grilled Chicken, Loaded Mashed Potatoes!!, Veggie

Wednesday: Awanas
Chicken Salad, Multi grain Crackers, (using Leftover Chicken)

Thursday: Lego Club
Crock pot Chili, Cornbread

Friday: Family Movie Night
Corn dogs, french fries, & Fruit Slices

Saturday: Out on the Town with Hubby!!!
B: Cereal
L: Turkey and Cheese, Fruit,  Pretzels
D: Aunt Jen's Pick

Sunday:Small Group
B: Sister Schubert's Kolaches
L: Out
D: Small Group

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