Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It worked for me!!

Just a note, in case you are having issues as well.

As most of you know I'm a mother of a 5 month old and still attempting to nurse.... without any supplements. I had no problems with my first child, but number two was a different story. By the time Cade was four months old my milk was gone and we were on formula... Nothing is wrong with formula, but my personal preference is nursing. Anyways, this time around I was having some trouble with supply and let down (all you nursing moms know what I'm talking about) and someone suggested this, MOTHER'S MILK. It is an herbal tea that helps promote good lactation and sure enough... it has made a huge difference. I can tell a difference if I go two or more days without a cup or two. And it doesn't taste half bad...especially on a chilly day.


  1. Hey Aunt Audra! miss you guys! When do I get to see my sweet cousins again? P.S. left you a message on our blog-check it out!

  2. Hey Audra, Thanks for sharing. I wish I would known about that about 4 months ago!