Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Cade!!

Happy 2nd Birthday CADE!!!

A few of the things that make Cade Special!

1. His ornery ways, he has perfect timing... and can always get you laughing
2. Always looking out for his brothers.
3. The way he gradually gets closer and closer to you until he eventually ends up in a lap...even Williams.
4. He ALWAYS knows were he leaves things except his blanket. I call him "My little finder"
5. He loves to cuddle and be held. And we love holding him.

Cade is two today so I wanted to share some pictures of the past two years.

Cade 1 week old He is so little and his clothes are so big!

Cade 5 months old. Check out that lip... he still does this when he gets into trouble.
7 months old. His first 4th of July, and about the time I started this blog.

Cade 10 months old. So sweet. His is so light you can't even see it in the picture, but I promise it is there.

16 months the San Antonio Zoo. I love that he is standing so big on his tiptoes.

11 months old. We love you Precious Cade.

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