Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Birthday Parties!

Ok, so for whatever reason, Blogger wont let me move the photos, so they are really out of order.. sorry.

This year we opted to start having family only birthdays. We really enjoyed our time with the brothers, here we are at Cade's birthday. All the Sonic's around here have playgrounds, here is Cade going down the gigantic twisty slide, he was so brave.

Here is Sweet Cade with his Elmo Cake, We LOVE Elmo!!

Year 4 is a big birthday to William, he is still telling everyone that we see that he is 4 years old.
This Picture is at Chuck E Cheese during William's Birthday. We ate Pizza and cake, played games, opened gifts, and had a blast.

William Blowing out his candles, check out those cheeks.

William and his Camo, Transformer Cake.... The tank transforms into a robot, it was his favorite gift recieved.

Brennan was at both of these parties, but spent the majority of his time in the stroller asleep.

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