Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday William!!

Happy 4th Birthday William!!

Our Sweet William Turned 4 years old on January 7th, and I wanted to share a few special things about him.
1. His news bulletin.... "Hey you know what?" he says this to everyone and then says the most important thing to him that day... "We went to my Granny and Papa's house" or "I have a new bike" or "My brother threw up yesterday". You never know what he is going to say.

2. His sweet big brother actions, like talking to Cade and Brennan if they are upset.

3. His love of reading. He is completely content to read for hours, by himself or with help.

4. The excitement and joy that come over his face when he has finally accomplishes something he has been trying forever... I love to watch him learn.

I know I just did a photo montage not too long ago, but it's his birthday... here are a few shots of William over the last 4 years.
William Has always loved reading books here he is at 10 months.
Don't you just love these cheeks. He has the most beautiful blue eyes and sweet dimples.

Williams 2nd Easter in Longview at Aunt Carol and Uncle Steves house. We had such a wonderful day that day and William loved hunting for eggs. William 16 months old.

William loves his guitar... infact he wouldn't put it down this day, He got right out of the tub and kept on playing. William 2 years 4 months old.

At the San Antonio Zoo. Wearing his daddy's hat. 3 years old.

Birthday pics to come soon... My boys are so big I can't believe it!

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