Thursday, January 22, 2009


Cade has been so busy lately... he is learning to run faster and keep up with the big kids. And it is taking his toll. This day the kids played outside all day and while I was cooking dinner I put on a movie. 10 minutes later this is what I found on the couch. I put the pillow there to try to get him to lay down, but snapped the picture first. Night Night Cade.
Cuddlin with Mommy.

Jan. 10th we met Michaels parents in SanAntonio for th day. The boys got to experience Build a Bear workshop. William's T-rex is named Furry and has a guitar, Cade's T-rex is named Roar and has a blue Tshirt. They have loved on those silly dinos for the last two weeks. Money well spent and a memory made.

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