Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brennan has a new trick.

Why is this underlining?
Anyways, I have showed you all the new, wonderful, and funny things that the older brothers are doing, so here is what the littlest brother is doing.
That is right that is air under that belly. Brennan is now getting into army crawl position. He is getting so big and strong, I can't believe it.

He loves to kick his feet around in the ball pit, it makes fun noises and the balls go everywhere.

Now that you have seen baby pictures of William and Cade in their Photo montages. Who do you think he looks like?


  1. Can't believe he's so big already! He looks like William! Love yall!

  2. He looks a LOT like William! So cute!!

  3. Audra,
    Thanks so much for inquiring about helping with the ex-Amish family from George West. If you'll send me an email I'll let you know what their current needs are in case you are able to help.