Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Family Tradition Tuesday

One of our Caldwell Christmas Traditions!!

Santa Pics and Ornaments!!

Christmas Throwback: 2008
As I unpack our Christmas decorations I always anticipate unwrapping a certain photo album. It's not because it's beautiful or expensive... in fact it is covered in red felt and cost $3.00 at old navy. I look forward to this album for the treasures it holds inside. After just 3 weeks of dating Michael and I were at a lighted Christmas farm and took a Polaroid with the Big Man, Santa. Then the next year we did it again and again, and it just kinda stuck! It is fun to look at each year to see how our family has grown, in number and in size! And it is something the entire family looks forward to! I'm sure as the boys get older they will get tired of Santa, but maybe we can create funny themes to get them involved... we'll cross that bridge when we get there! 
Also, we all choose our ornaments for that year! I love that when Michael and I got married we both had a collection of ornaments from our childhood that were given to us, to decorate our first tree with sentiments and memories! So now with two grandmothers and a mother that insist on buying each brother an ornament they will start their tree with quite a collection!
On this special night we also drive in the car and look at Christmas Lights with Christmas music playing and singing like crazy!!
This is a pretty big night. One that we all look forward to each year!!

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