Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Menu Plan Monday... or Tuesday

Several of my blog pals do menu planning and post it on their blog. I am constantly going and checking for ideas and recipes, so I decided to do the same on mine. Menu planning is definitely a tool I use to stay within budget and make sure I have healthy meals for the family. Otherwise I end up over spending on groceries and buying much more convenience foods.

I warn you, for breakfast and lunch, I tend to make in bulk and we eat it for several days. So that is why there are so many repeats. I just cant seem to find the time to do it any other way. and when I do stuff goes bad.

Maybe someone can get some use out of it...

B- Breakfast Roll ups
L-PB&J, Cheetos, raisins, apples
D-Veggie Quessadillas w/ LO Taco meat, black beans, corn

B- Granola and Milk
L-PB&J, fruit, pretzels
D-Chicken Fried Rice, stir fry veggies, salad

B- Fruit and Granola parfait
L-Pimento and Cheese sandwiches, carrot sticks, pretzels
D-Bean&Cheese Chalupas, salad

B: Yogurt Smoothies
L: Pimento and Cheese Sandwiches, apples, carrots, pretzels
D: Roast, Potatoes&Carrots, Green Beans, and Spelt Biscuits(this is a new one for me.. I'll let you know what I think)

B: Fruit and Granola Parfait
L: PB&J, fruit, Cheetos
D: Pizza Movie Night... Pizza, Popcorn, and Brownies

B: Donut Day
L: LO Roast
D: Omelets in a Bag (recipe below)

B: Breakfast Roll ups
L: Out
D: Small Group

Omelets in a Bag:

You will need a heavy Duty Ziplock for every member.

Lay out a variety of omelet fillings
Ham, cheese, bacon, bell pepper, mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomato, etc.

allow each person to pick and choose their favorite fillings and place in bag, then crack two eggs into the bag and shake. Bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil and Place Bags in pot. Cook for 20 minutes. Remove bags and dump contents onto plate.

Homemade Granola Click Link: This is a recipe I stole from a friend. It is really wonderful and the kids love it.


  1. Sounds like a good week! Do you make your pimento and cheese or just buy it? I am looking for a good recipe, I love Jason's Deli's, but have not found one I like from the store.

  2. I've never heard of omelet in a bag but I think I'm gonna have to try that! :-)

  3. yum! i think i saw paula deen make omelets like that once. very smart! i haven't made omelets...ever. you've inspired me to try! :) what are breakfast roll ups? like a breakfast burrito?