Thursday, May 7, 2009

Water, You goin down!

It was so pretty today, and I needed to water my grass, so we had a water day. The boys spent most of their time trying to take the water out. First it was the baseball bats. Cade ended up being the only casualty in that fight. The boys got a little too close and William swung and gave Cade a bit of a shiner. Then they broke out the swords. You would have thought it was a fire breathing dragon coming at them. I'm not really sure what vendetta they have against the sprinkler, but it better watch out for my little warriors. William loves to ham up for the camera. Brennan decided to get in on the action too. He was soaked. The water would hit him in his head and he would laugh and go back for more. When he finally got tired on the sprinkler, he decided to go exploring. We keep all of our outside toys in this trash can when we aren't playing with them and he decided to see what was inside. He played in there for 5 mins.

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  1. My kids have been playing in the water out back all week. They love it and it tires them out so I love it! One of the many reasons why I love summer!