Thursday, May 28, 2009

Saturday and the Emergency Room...

We have all had the "Crud" around here for the last couple of weeks, and it ended up getting little Brennan. He had a little bit of a snotty nose when he woke up Saturday morning, but by 3:00 that afternoon, he was having a really hard time breathing. We called the Doc. who of course said, take him to the clinic. Luckily our Ped. office has a Minor Emergency Clinic in town, so that is where we went. His Oxygen levels where low; so they did oxygen treatments, chest x-rays, nose swabs, and finally Nebulizer treatments. Poor Baby, was such a trooper through it all, but really hates the mask. We are continuing to do breathing treatments at home, and all test came back clear. Of Course being a blogging Mom, I got pics. PS. He isn't sleeping here, he is screaming.

He finally passed out on his daddy! Sweet Baby!
Brennan is well on his way to get over the crud, just in time to start cutting his top teeth. I'm so glad they don't really remember their first year of life. It is so tough.


  1. Glad he's starting to feel better! Good thing about them throwing fits and hating the mask is that they end up breathing more often and deeper thus getting more of the medicine. At least that is what my doctor always said. :)

  2. Glad he is doing better! Plus he gets to join our dino mask club! The girls had to do breathing treatments at least once everyday during the winter, he will stop fighting soon! Hope we see you this weekend!

  3. It is good to hear he is getting better. This happened to Aubrey not too long ago. The Nebulizer seemed to do the trick :)