Monday, May 4, 2009

Kinda Krunchy

Well recently I was told that on a scale of Mainstream Parenting to Granola Momma, that I was "Kinda Krunchy". (ok, it was the facebook quiz, but I do agree with it). Anyways, one of the recent krunchy things that our family is going to give a go is...... Bee Pollen. That is right, I know you are thinking, you are crazy, and what in the world do you do with bee pollen. But it has so many wonderful attributes. I linked several websites that have some information on Bee Pollen, so I'll let you know in a few weeks how it is going.

Bee Pollen Health Benefits
Bee Pollen Warnings

I know you can buy Bee Pollen and Bee Pollen supplements online, I however ended up getting mine at the store located in the Amish community about 30 miles from here. The visit was very interesting, and the Amish community looked much different than I expected, it was an educational trip to say the least. The variety or should I say Randomness of goods that we found at the shop was also very interesting. I ended up buying Fresh Honey, Homemade Bread, Bee Pollen, Fried Pies, and Zucchini, I also got a Roast... it is grass fed beef and I have never had natural beef before and have heard it has a very different flavor, so I'm anxious to make that later this week.

We are trying to start eating healthier, less processed, raw foods, whole foods. If you have any advice on where to shop or things to avoid, please let me know.

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