Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Brothers

We are adjusting nicely! Brennan is proving so far to be a very content baby. Even with constant chaos all around him. Cade loves to be near him, so I have to keep a constant eye out for the two of them. Here is one proud brother!! Here are all the boys coloring together. Cade is really insistent that Brennan is close by, if he is not, Cade is on the hunt to find him and make sure he is ok.
Brennan sleeps on the couch or on top of the table during the day, because it is central and I can see him from almost anywhere I am; and again Cade can check on him. Cade always makes sure Brennan has two things with him, A blanket (I think this is because William and Cade both have special security blankets and Cade has decided Brennan needs a blanket too) and a toy. William helps take care of Brennan some, but Cade is more of a constant care taker, making sure he has all he needs at all times. It is so sweet!


  1. what a sweet brother! there's nothing better than your kids loving one another!! :)
    yeah, that snake thing....SO not ok! How did it get in?!!?!

  2. what sweeties! And snakes? YIKES!

  3. Cade is looking more and more like Will! I am glad the boys are adjusting well. You have a sweet precious family, and I love you all very much!

  4. Hey - I just came across your blog. Congrats on that sweet baby!! How are you doing?