Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just some pics.

Cade our "don't touch me, I'll do it on my own kid" has been quite cuddly the past few days. Last night he crawled up in Michael's lap and cuddled up in a little ball. It was so sweet! And Daddy was loving it. After bath time the boys started watchinng TV and I just couldn't pass up the picture. Arn't they cute!

Playing Dress up... William is a worker and Cade was his assistant. Mueller guys in training:)


  1. isn't it amazing how our babies (of the family) seem to sense that their place in the family is about to be taken? looks like cade is trying to sneak in a few extra cuddles b/f baby comes! ;) they are both so cute audra!

  2. I love all the pictures! Your two babies are such big boys! And check out those big boy underwear! Go William! I'm glad you survived the hurricane! Love you all!