Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Visit to the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens

If you have never visited the Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens... well shame on you! Just Kidding, but I do believe this is an overlooked jewel in our community.  What a wonderful spot to go take in  some of God's beautiful creation! Complete with walking paths, exotic birds, of course plants of all kinds, and an iguana named Ivan... that they found crossing the road on Ocean Dr.   We have visited it a couple of times now, and will be going back more often when it cools off a little bit more.   Here is a glimpse of our visit, Enjoy!  

Mom & Brennan at the overlook to Gator Lake.

 After feeding the fish at the fish pond.  Brennan almost fell in... Yikes.
 Ivan the Terrible... Isn't he cool?

 The butterfly bench, I want one of these REAL BAD!!
 Gorgeous Flower in the Butterfly Garden,

 God's creation is so amazing!

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