Friday, September 9, 2011

Our Summer Filled with Fun and Family!!

What did you do this summer, you ask?  Well...
I realize that as much as I have posted this summer, not much has been photo memories. So I would like to take a minute and catch up with our fun filled summer. 
  1. Laura & Larry Got Hitched!  Our first trip was to Royce City, to Michaels sweet cousin's wedding. It was beautiful, and so much fun!  Arn't they so adorable....?
William had his first dance with this sweet girl!  She and Will have met several times, but this time they seemed to be the best of friends!  I also got to snap a family pic! Yeah!  

All they boy cousins lined up to see the swan and watch the turtles!  From L to R:  Cole 5, Cade 4, Brennan 2, William 6, and Grant 8) They have so much fun together!

We also enjoyed a great end of season with our Tball team!  The Aggies ended up winning the Tball championship! We were all so proud! We also had a fantasic coach and a great end of season party.  A Hooks game and all the fun we could handle! The boys got to stand on the field with the players for the national anthem and the first pitch personally delivered by this coast guard crew!

3.  We played a lot in the water and the mud... We at least before we moved!  What is more fun than getting dirty... I mean really filthy!  Not much, there is just something about being a kid and being covered in mud that screams FUN!!!

4.  Father Palooza!!! At Bay Area Fellowship!  The boys ventured into tanks, police cruisers, tow trucks, swat trucks, ambulaces, and chowed on fajitas and corn on the cob!  Made for a great Father's Day!!

5.  I went on my first ever ladies retreat!  With some fantastic women!  Love you girls!!

6. This is the first summer I had a reader in the house... besides Michael and I,  William entered any and every reading club we came across, and ended up with a family 4-pack of tickets to the Corpus Christi, Hooks.  They didn't have the greatest season, but either way it was a treasure.  William also ended up winning a drawing for a free book and matching board game from our local library, and is now on a 2nd grade reading level... I hope he always keeps his love of reading!
Will, waiting for the game to start!

We also sold our house and moved,  took an unexpected trip to Arkansas, and spent plenty of time swimming in the hotel pools and visiting museums along the way. 

All in all, we spent penty of time together as a family just enjoying each other!

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