Friday, July 1, 2011

About me!

Please feel free to visit other links around my page... here is a little bit About Me

A few crazy things about me: I like cooking, I love cleaning, but do not like laundry! I'm a bit of an organizational nerd with everything, except my checkbook.  I have probably changed a million diapers in my life, but only one of them has been a girl... I have no idea what to do with all that business. I can't spell worth a flip, and am more likely to be able to Sing the entire Veggie Tale theme song, than name hit song on the radio. I have an overactive imagination, which is both a positive and negative and I am always looking for new ideas to teach my children and to develop as Christ's daughter.

This is a blog of the musings of our life, with a few friendly tips and some awesome recipes! Please feel free to explore and if you find something that interests you leave me a note! Enjoy!!

I am first a daughter of Christ. I have in recent years been convicted of the importance of simplicity in life. I strive to focus very little on the insignificant "stuff" around me; you know that "stuff" that always seems to creep up in the priority list and capture a place that is very inappropriate. My focus lies much more on the significance of my Lord, and the relationships and blessing He is constantly interrupting "my plans" with.

Because of this, I am fashionable stunted, know absolutely nothing about pop culture, and become overwhelmed at the thought of  technology in my childrens lifetime. However, I do try to embrace the change in the world around me and see the simplicity that still seems to shine through such a busy world.

Second, I am a wife to the most amazing man, Michael, is a true partner in life. In a society that tends to hate commitment, because something better may come by; I am so blessed to have a man that has Christ and family as his main priorities. Michael is a true leader in our home, and I have no problem taking 2nd place to him. Marriage is hard sometimes, there is no denying that, but we are both in this family 100%, for the long haul!

I am third a mother of 3 wonderfully energetic boys. William, our oldest, is the rule follower. He is the best helper and is always fighting to have more responsibility. Cade, second in command, is the peace maker of the brothers. He tends to fool people with his ornery grin, but is absolutely one of the most kind hearted children I have ever seen. Brennan, "the baby", is full of passion. A free-spirit in every sense of the word, Brennan constantly makes our family smile and laugh. Although we have plenty of crazy, hectic, not so fun days, it is sheer joy to watch the brothers come to know their Lord and Savior, and begin to grow the unbreakable bond of brotherhood.

This is a blog. It's only a blog. It is a creative outlet for me as a writer and an oh-so amature cook. It is a means to capture the good and great times with the occasional not-so-good thrown in there. While our real life is definitely full of ups and downs, this is just where we record a few of the moments we want to remember through the years, and thoughts of our life happenings. Welcome to our experiences, memories, and life!

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