About Me

A few crazy things about me:
I'm a 30 something, small town girl, from Texas.
I like cooking and cleaning, but do not like laundry!
I love coffee.
I'm a bit of an organizational nerd with everything, except my checkbook.
I have probably changed a million diapers in my life, but only one of them has been a girl...
I can't spell worth a fllipp, uh I mean, flip.
I am more likely to be able to Sing the entire Veggie Tale theme song, than name hit song on the radio.
I have an overactive imagination, which is both a positive and negative.
I love girl time.  
Who I am:
I am first a daughter of Christ. Second, Wife to an amazing Christian husband, and third, a MOB (Mom of Boys), three boys to be exact.  In past years I have been convicted of the importance of simplicity in life. I strive to focus very little on the insignificant "stuff" around me; you know that "stuff" that always seems to creep up in the priority list and capture a place that is very inappropriate. My focus lies much more on the significance of my Lord, and the love that I am to share in the relationships and blessing He is constantly interrupting "my plans" with. God has placed on my heart every mom around me, wether in person or online, I pray for you daily. I pray that this will be a safe place for you to come and get some grace and know you are not the only one who struggles and falls short... but to know also that God has designed you to be the perfect mother to the blessing(s) He has put in your care. And to know that His grace is sufficient and He will be faithful!!

Why Cup of Daisies?

A poem in the book titled, "Cup Of Daisies: Poetry and Paintings" by Kenneth Wyatt; took my breath, and at once I knew this put to words the simplicity of what Christian Love is and was to be the basis of my heart and outpouring in my blog. Please enjoy.

Cup of Daisies
by:Kenneth Wyatt

Today on the street in the old part of town.
I spied an ol' beggar with head hung down.

Gloom was his partner - it was plain to be seen.
And the clothes that he wore would never be clean.

Holes in the elbows, the knees, and the seat,
There were two kinds of shoes that misfit his feet.

The frown was frozen on the face that was lined,
Plus a long clack rag round his eyes that were blind.

No glimmer of hope 'bout the man could I see,
Not even in the hand he reached out to me.

The old tin cup caught the sun on its rim;
Its emptiness showed that pickins were slim.

Into that cup I dropped a coin or two,
Catching a mumble of a grumpy "thank you."

That would have been all of the story that time
'Bout me and a beggar and a nickel and dime,

But fate stepped up with his bag full of tricks,
For up the street strolled a lady of six.

With face all aglow, blue eyes shining bright,
Dressed all starched and ironed just right,

Ribbons reached down in circles and swirls,
A crown of daisies entwined in her curls.

Happiness abounded - in life not a care-
Her eye then touched on the beggar out there.

Young hearts melt fast, and then, so to do,
From her hair she pulled a white daisy or two.
Softly she placed them in the battered tim cup;
Instantly the old beggar's head lifted up.

Though blind in darknes, I knew he could see
That child standing there in full sympathy.

She patted the gnarled hand, not making a sound.
From the faded black rag, a tear splashed down.

They parted then - now their hearts were as one-
But the truth was clear with what had been done.

The cup rattled louder; it had a new sound.
I walked away with something I'd found.

Let me say it so you'll recall it sometime,
"The love that she gave...beat a nickel and dime."

You, my brothers, were called to be free.
But do not use your freedom to indulge the sinful nature ; rather, serve one another in love.
  Galatians 5:13

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  1. I am so very proud of you. It's not your creativity that makes you who you are, but, instead it your genuine simplicity that hovers over you like a ray of sparkling 'Ambiance'!! Your husband and children are Blessed to have more than a wife and mother...they have a "friend for life".