Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Cade and William!!

Well, it's official!  I can't stop them from growing!! Over the last week we celebrated and celebrated and then celebrated a little more! William and Cade just keep getting older on us!

A few years ago, we decided not to really do big birthday parties. We usually go out to eat(birthday kid pics) and then home for cake and gifts.  This year we had a special surprise and Granny and Papa decided to join the fun so we celebrated a joint birthday the weekend before at non other than CHUCK E CHEESE! 

So here they are...
The sweetest 4 yr old I have ever seen!!! CADE!!
The silliest 6 yr old!!! WILLIAM!!!

We had a great time, and fully enjoyed the time with Michael's Parents... Sorry no pics :)

Birthday Round 2:
Monday January 3rd was Cade's actual birthday so off for more pizza we went! Cici's was a hit and so was the ridiculously decorates "Super Hero Squad" Cake that I managed to mess up... Thankfully he didn't really care as long as the toys were on top!

On January 7th, William turned 6 yrs old... His dinner of Choice Shrimp and Noodles... so we headed to a Chinese Buffet.  All in all he loved the red jello best. :) I think this pic is just too funny!
 Cade and Brennan enjoying the nights events. Brennan had egg drop soup all over his shirt, but man he loved that soup!
 And Home for Lego Star Wars, Chocolate Ice cream Pie!! So delicious, and look how happy William is!

It is such a privilege to be the mother to these amazing boys. Although they can be rowdy, loud, and there is constant competition in our household... I can't image it any other way. The bond these three brothers share is so special, and Michael and I are so blessed to have the opportunity of raising them!  Happy Birthday Cade and William! I love you!

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