Sunday, January 9, 2011

Clarkson Christmas 2010 - Muleshoe

After our time in Fort Worth with the Caldwell's we headed to West Texas to my hometown for a little time with my family.  This was the first time in three years that my family and my brothers and their families have all been together, so it was pretty special.
Below is Memaw and Grandad (my parents) with all 8 grandsons. From L to R (Back): Colton and Wesley (Front): William, Taylor, Grandad, Brennan, Taylor, Cade, Memaw, and Trey

Memaw and Grandad playing Santa.  They had such a great time.
The boys Roasting marshmallows with Granddad's new Gift.
And last but defiantly not least, we got to spend some much needed time with my grandparents! Here are all the boys with Great Grandma and Great Grandad Hawkins.  We love them so much and I absolutely love to watch them laugh at all the funny little boys in the family! :)
On our way home, we decided to break up the 10 hour drive with some sweet time. So we had some of this....
And a little of this....
and some of this.... (This pic cracks me up)

We made it home and have now had time to celebrate two birthdays (Cade and William)... Posts coming soon!! :)

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